Want To Move House But Nowhere To Go — What Are Your Options?

Want To Move House But Nowhere To Go — What Are Your Options?

Moving house should be simple, fun and exciting. It should be a process that follows a familiar pattern:

  • You want to move house
  • You put your current home on the market
  • You search for new properties to move into
  • You sell your house
  • You find a wonderful property to move into
  • Deals are made and contracts are signed
  • You move into your new home

That’s how the process is meant to go… but sometimes, there can be flies in the ointment that complicate even the most simplistic of real estate transactions. One of the most common issues is also one of the hardest to tackle: what if you want to move, but you can’t find anywhere to move to?

Want To Move House But Nowhere To Go — What Are Your Options?

How long a house search is “too long”?

It is widely accepted that finding a new home can be a time-consuming search. A house is, for most of us, the largest purchase we will ever make, so it naturally follows that we’re going to want to take awhile to find the right property.

There is a point, however, when your search runs the risk of dragging on. Some people feel this after three months; for others it’s six months. Some people are patient enough to search for a year without becoming overly concerned. No one can tell you how long you should wait. As a general rule, if you feel it’s been too long, it’s been too long— so what can you do about it?

Change your expectations

One of the reasons that a house search can go on for too long is due to pickiness. There’s nothing wrong with being picky, of course, and especially when considering a major purchase. However, at the start of a search, you’re far more likely to be picky than you are after a few months. You’re keen to find “perfection” when, six weeks later, “good” is more than sufficient.

It’s therefore worth asking yourself how much you might be willing to compromise on in the future. If you think you’d happily settle for a lot less than you’re expecting now, tweaking your expectations might be worth trying; at the very least, it can give you a new range of properties to explore.

Exploring your other options

When you reach a point where you can tweak no more — or you’re not willing to do so — then your options narrow, but there’s still a few things to consider:

  1. One option is to use the likes of http://www.malarvillan.se and build your own home, from your own design. This might sound like a radical plan, but it’s likely to be more feasible that you expect.
  2. If you have a buyer for your property and it’s a good offer, you could always accept it and move into rented accommodation while you continue to search. This isn’t ideal, but it is a decent compromise if you have a good offer.
  3. Alternatively, you could look to substantially renovate your home with an extension, or try any of the other popular improvement ideas featured on http://www.thestreet.com.

Ultimately, there aren’t many options when you find yourself wanting to move but not being able to find a property to move to. Explore the options you do have and, ultimately, try to remain patient. Try to remember that every other homebuyer who has felt the way you do has worried that the process will never end, but they’ve all found their dream home eventually— and, given time to focus on the options, eventually you will too!


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