Travel with comfort and style with SkateHut

Travel with comfort and style with SkateHut

It’s 5 days until I go to Crete. 5 days! I’m getting excited now and I’m sorry if I am mentioning this in every other post. It’s just that I’ve had a long few months and I’m excited to have a rest.

Travelling is exhausting. Yes, you might be sat down a lot but it’s still tiring. I’ve never felt as tired as when I flew from Manchester to Hong Kong, then to Hong Kong to Melbourne three hours later. Although I am only going to Crete this time, there’s still a big chunk of day travelling. A taxi to the train station, a train to the airport, a transfer to the hotel. The whole thing is likely to take 10 hours. So although I won’t be quite as tired as 24 hours flying around the world, I still want to be comfortable!

Travelling clothes. I’m a big believer in comfort over style when it comes to travelling. I have no idea why anyone would want to travel in heels and a full face of makeup. Props to you if you can, but I prefer something a bit more chilled out.

Enter SkateHut, a brand inspired by Heelys. Yes, that’s right. The shop has now grown into something that sells scooters, skateboards, skates, clothing, accessories and more. I’ve created a bit of a wishlist of things I’d love to take with me on holiday to make my journey a bit more comfortable!

Travel with comfort and style with SkateHut

A hoodie is a must-have. Sorry about the beard, but I’m sure you agree with men’s hoodies are much better than women’s! I know I’ve picked two tops, but I couldn’t decide. I’m kind of thinking the hype top would be great paid with a cute pair of shorts for those days you want to cover your shoulders up so you don’t get too much sun.

Sunglasses are essential. Nothing like that feeling of getting off a plane, feeling the heat hit you and needing to put sunnies on!

I’ve picked a bum bag because I’m one of those people that’s always paranoid about my money, my passport and phone while I travel. I like to be able to quickly check it and know it’s safe, so having it right there is a bonus. There are so many bum bags on SkateHut – plain ones, patterned ones, shiny ones and even sequins! A traditional backpack is something I also like to take on a plane with me to put my laptop, camera and other bits in.

Finally, comfortable shoes! Lots of walking around airports carrying luggage mean you need to make sure your feet are not going to hurt!

What do you travel in?

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