The Instagram Experiment: Race to 10k // Week 3

Happy Sunday all! This is week 3 of my Instagram experiment. Check out the previous posts if you haven’t already: Week one. Week two. STARTING…


how to get 10k instagram followers

Happy Sunday all! This is week 3 of my Instagram experiment. Check out the previous posts if you haven’t already:

how to get 10k instagram followers


Followers: 5541
Average Likes Per Photo: 30.1
Average Comments Per Photo: 1.2 (yikes!)


Followers: 5569 (up 28)
Average Likes Per Photo: 80.8
Average Comments Per Photo: 9


Followers: 5602 (up 33)
Average Likes Per Photo: 85.8
Average Comments Per Photo: 11.4


Followers: 5615 (up 13)
Average Likes Per Photo: 80.1
Average Comments Per Photo: 11.7

As you can see, the results this week haven’t been as good! I’ve been a little frustrated if I’m honest and I’ve actually lost 8 followers since this. I’ve downloaded an app that lets you see how many people have followed and unfollowed you and in the last few days, 11 have followed and 16 have unfollowed! Also, 3 random people block me and I don’t know why or who they are really?

Anyway, I’m frustrated as I feel like there’s lots of follow/unfollow going about. I’ve been checking out accounts that have 10k followers and it seems most of them either follow and unfollow hundreds of accounts a day or seem to have a massive leap in followers, indicating they buy them. It’s very disheartening and is making me wonder what the point of trying to find genuine followers is.

Two most popular posts:

how to get 10k instagram followers how to get 10k instagram followers

A photo of me and a photo of cute York wins again!

how to get 10k instagram followers

How I did with goals:


Follow 20 similar accounts again and interact with them. I did this last week and got good results! Obviously, not all the accounts I followed gave anything back, but after a few attempts of engagement with nothing in return, they get culled. Sorry!

I don’t actually think I found 20! But I’ll redo this one next week.


Plan for a different way to take photos of myself for variety.

Didn’t really do it within that week, but at the back end of the week which falls into week 4, I’ve done this!


Work on my captions so they are inspirational, motivational or funny.

Worked hard on this, but didn’t do it on every photo.


Hashtags to focus on this week:

  • #puregym
  • #shinyhappybloggers
  • #discoverunder2k
  • #happyselves
  • #howtotransform

Did this!

This weeks goals:


Repeat last weeks goal 1 around following 20 new accounts.


Don’t forget to comment rather than mindlessly liking photos!


Do a transformation picture to see if it can be as popular as my previous one.

Fewer goals this week, but as I am feeling a bit frustrated with Instagram I don’t want to overload myself. Truth is, I’ve been really busy too so not had as much time to interact with others.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram!

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  1. This is an interesting challenge! I think I’d struggle with it though, ha! I don’t even have 2 k. I just don’t have much time for instagram nowadays, the boys sleep less so when I do get the time to myself and I don’t have to do housework I’m on the computer doing something for the blog rather than on my phone!

    Good luck with your goals for the next week!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend! It’s a busy but fun one here 🙂

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