The Benefits of Adding an Orangery To Your Home

The Benefits of Adding an Orangery To Your Home

Now that summer is here, getting a home extension is a really popular choice. Being able to open up some bi-fold doors to the garden, just in time for a BBQ, can be the dream, right? But while many homeowners just rush to extend the home out to the side or add two floors, getting a conservatory or an orangery is often overlooked.

The Benefits of Adding an Orangery To Your Home

Conservatories are becoming a little bit retro. If not done well, they can look quite cheap and simply ‘stuck on’ at the back of a property. But orangeries are becoming more and more popular. Traditionally, as the name suggests, they were used as a place to grow oranges. But now, because of their brick-base, they look like more of an extension to the home, rather than a conservatory would. You don’t have to use it to grow oranges, unless you feel so inclined, of course.

If you’re looking to add value to your home, then here are a few of the reasons why an orangery could be a good way to go.

Natural Light

With a structure that has lots of glass, from the windows and the traditional lantern roof that orangeries, like these Evaroof ones have, it allows you to get lots of natural light into a room. This can make the space bright and airy, as well as being a great way to heat the whole home. Lots of glass will make it like a mini-greenhouse, and the heat can go through the whole of the home. Hello, reduced energy bills!

Adds Value

It has kind of been touched upon that a conservatory will add value to the home. But it can pretty easily make back your money. It is a room that looks good, so can be appealing to buyers and help to the seal the deal, as well as being extra floor space. People are going to pay more for a decent house that is larger; simple as that.


The great thing about the extra floor space that an orangery brings, is that it can be used as anything that you want it to be. It could be a much needed dining space or a second living room or a playroom. Equally, it could be a luxury room that you’ve been wanting for a while, like a gym or your own office. It is a good idea to know what the use will be as it is being designed, though. Then you can decorate it and furnish it accordingly, as well as making sure you’ve got enough things like plug sockets installed.

No Planning Permission

This will depend on the design of the orangery that you want. But it will save you time and money to get an orangery, as you might not need to get planning permission. If you are keeping the internal doors the same, much like a conservatory, then you are likely to not need planning permission (the same goes for not changing any of the existing walls in the home).

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