Pitcher & Piano York

Pitcher & Piano York

I love Pitcher & Piano in York. On our second date, we met in York and we came here. It was a sunny day and we sat outside. It’s a lovely bar and I love how it’s decorated. It gets a bit mental on a Saturday night but during the week and on a Sunday it’s a relaxing place to be.

They have a variety of drinks including wine, beer and cocktails as well as a food menu. I’ve never tried to food, but it’s typical pub food. Sharing dishes, nibbles, burgers and the like. We’re a bit snobby when it comes to food and prefer to eat in restaurants than a pub that serves food – although the nachos and deli sharer could tempt me if I fancied some nibbles.

The bar is right on the river and when the sun is out, the whole place lights up as there are big glass doors across the building to let the light in.

Pitcher & Piano York Pitcher & Piano York Pitcher & Piano York Pitcher & Piano York  Pitcher & Piano York

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