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5 ways to get fit for summer

Let’s face it, summer weather is always unpredictable, which is why your summer wardrobe has, unfortunately, to consist of more than simply shorts and tees….


5 ways to get fit for summer

Let’s face it, summer weather is always unpredictable, which is why your summer wardrobe has, unfortunately, to consist of more than simply shorts and tees. Thankfully, there are lots of amazing holiday destinations that offer summer sun, sea, and sand, but to make the most of your vacation, you’ll want to look great and feel great. Nothing is better than getting the sun on your skin (with the appropriate sun protection in place, of course), which is why you’ll want to make sure that your body is in good shape before you expose it to passersby. Don’t worry, here are five ways to get fit for the summer, so you can be beach ready in no time at all.

5 ways to get fit for summer

1. Hit The Gym

Losing excess weight and achieving a sculpted body is dependent upon two factors: consuming fewer calories and exercising more. For many, the perfect place to get fit is in the gymnasium, as it offers a wide range of exercising equipment, meaning that it’s easy to find the piece of equipment that’s right for you. Many people join gyms at the start of the new year, full of good intentions, but within a few months have stopped going, so in the run-up to summer, you may find your local gymnasium quieter than you expected it to be; there will still be other people working out, however, and this can be a vital asset in your battle to get fit and stay fit, as you can take motivation from others as well as learning what exercise techniques work best for others.

2. Work Out In Your Own Home

It may be that your busy work schedule or family commitments mean that you don’t have as much time to hit the gymnasium as you’d like, or that you simply don’t feel comfortable working out in front of others, but that doesn’t mean that you have to turn your back on the benefits of exercise altogether. Setting up a gym in your own home means that you can work on getting fit at a time to suit you, and without having to worry about what others think of your work out gear. It can be a lot cheaper than you think when you invest in a multiple exercise piece of kit.

For example, the Bowflex trainer review by AllWorkoutRoutines looks at one such piece of equipment that’s ideally suited to most homes because of its affordable price and compact footprint. The Bowflex Max Trainer range combines an elliptical machine with a stepper, so you can enjoy a full body workout.

3. Walk, Don’t Drive

Do you regularly drive short distances, say three miles or less? You wouldn’t be alone in this as half of all car journeys cover distances under two miles, but the sedentary lifestyle associated with driving isn’t going to help you get ready for a summer spent on the beach. Walking or cycling short distances every day is a great exercise routine in its own right, especially when combined with other forms of aerobic exercise as well. It’s also good news for the environment, of course, as a far greater proportion of greenhouse gases are emitted when the engine is heating up during short journeys.

4. Cut Down On The Drink

We often eat and drink more when we’re on vacation, which is just one reason that you should be doing the exact opposite as your holiday approaches. We all know that eating less, and particularly eating less fatty and sugar-containing food is a good starting point for losing weight and getting in shape but keeping an eye on our drink intake can be just as important. Even supposedly healthy drinks, such as fruit juices, can be high in calories and sugars, and all alcoholic drinks can also be laden with calories. Reducing the amount of alcohol that you drink can bring huge health benefits in many ways, and when you replace your alcohol or sugary drink consumption with water it can also help you get in shape quicker than you might have imagined.

5. Adopt A Positive Attitude

The power of the mind is often overlooked when it comes to its influence on the power of our body, but one reason that many fitness and diet regimes fail is that we lose motivation and become dispirited. Focus not upon the things you’re missing out on, such as unhealthy food and drink, but focus instead on the positive results that will come your way, such as looking great when you head out to your holiday. In this way, you can find that a positive mental attitude can be the best tool that you have when it comes to getting fit.

By following these five simple steps, you can enter the summer looking better than you ever have before. Exercising at home or in a gym, eating and drinking less, being less sedentary and more positive can transform your body and your overall health and fitness. It doesn’t end there, of course, as once you’ve adopted a healthier lifestyle, you probably won’t want to go back to your old ways.


  1. These are some excellent tips. I definitely need to work on my positive attitude, haha, as I’m always complaining when I’m trying to be healthier. I also really need to stop drinking so much fizzy juice! I tend to work out from home as we have a treadmill & weights, but I really like the look of the Bowflex Trainer you mentioned. Might need to save up for it!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

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