The Wedding Guests Guide

Wedding etiquette can be a complicated thing. When you are first invited to a wedding, you may feel excited, but there are many do’s and…


Wedding etiquette can be a complicated thing. When you are first invited to a wedding, you may feel excited, but there are many do’s and don’ts to think about before the big day.

Here are some tips for you to take the pressure off the big day, so you can focus on the fun things, like buying a new dress to wear and getting down to the confetti shop to pick a gift!

The Wedding Guests Guide

The plus one.

Unless the invite has your name + plus one, don’t assume you can bring a guest. Weddings are expensive and the higher the headcount, the more expensive it is. Don’t assume your other-half is automatically invited!

RSVP on time.

Let them know if you are attending if you’re unable to go, just be honest and upfront about it. Don’t make shitty excuses or put off telling them. The can then give your place to someone that can attend!

The gift.

If the couple has a gift registry, then use it! The gifts are on there because they are things the couple need and use. While it’s common to buy kitchen appliances for the couple’s new homes, a lot of couples already live together before they get married so might not need a set of pans or knives!

Stay away from those cheesy personalised gifts. They might be cute but they’re generally not very functional!

It’s a great idea to have gifts delivered directly to the couple’s home before the wedding, or take it to them yourself before. This means at the end of the night they don’t have to worry about the logistics of how to get everything home.

The card

Whether you take a gift or not, a card is a must! It’s a great idea to write a special message inside your card rather than wait to put it in the guest book, as many people don’t have traditional guest books anymore so there might not be enough room. These pop-up wedding cards are fantastic for a card that’s more unique than the ones you will find in the supermarket.

Ensure you know the dress code.

Ensure you know the dress code, it could be black tie, or something a bit more casual. If it doesn’t say, then don’t over think it, just make sure you don’t turn up in a white dress!

Be on time.

It’s just good etiquette in general to be on time, whether you’re meeting a friend for coffee or going to their wedding. Aim to get there at least 30 minutes before the wedding is due to start.

The Wedding Guests Guide

Put your phone on silent.

You don’t want to be that person who has their minion ringtone going off at the moment the bride says ‘I do’!

Taking your own photos.

If the invitation states they would prefer guests not to take photos, then don’t! They are paying a photographer a lot of money to take photos for them. My niece asked guests not to take photos during the ceremony as they wanted people to be in the moment and not holding their phones up taking photos and videos.

Get up and dance!

Why is the first hour or so of a party always a bit awkward? Don’t be afraid to get on the dance floor and enjoy yourself, that is what the happy couple want!

Don’t overdo it with the drink.

An open bar might be tempting, but know your limits! Getting wasted at a wedding and getting your boobs out in front of the mother of the bride is NOT a classy thing to do. Slow down and stop drinking if you think you’re getting past your limit!

Don’t overshadow the couple.

Remember, it’s their day and they’ve spent a small fortune, a lot of stress and time to make the happiest day of their life. This means you should be respectful of their day and don’t overshadow them with any announcements of pregnancy or engagement. Proposing at someone’s wedding is a big no-no!

Also don’t get any prom car hire ideas either, as this again could out shadow the arrival of the bride to the church!

Don’t talk too much to the couple.

The couple will probably try to make their way around to everyone at some point, but remember they have lots of guests to speak to so try not to spend too much time talking to them when they are needing to move on to the next guest!

So, there you have it. My top tips for being a perfect wedding guest.

Are you going to any weddings this year?


  1. I’ve already been to two weddings this months and I have plenty of them coming up this Summer. I do agree with your tips. BTW Here you can actually bring a plus without asking and people will be grateful if you do, because it is customary that every guests brings a monetary present so everyone is basically paying for him/herself and not putting the financial stress on the bride and groom. The more people, the more money for the newly weds. That’s great for the bride and groom because at the end of the wedding they always end up having more money than they spent on the wedding, but it can be pretty expensive for the guests. Every wedding means handing out money to the bride and groom, it’s just tradition here. Presents don’t cut it, you can buy them, but you are still expected to give them money and a lot of it.

  2. these are great tips! i feel like i basically go to weddings only once in a decade (i suppose people i know aren’t really that keen on getting married?) and don┬Ęt have any to attend to this summer, but it’s good to refresh your memory about wedding etiquette before going! xx

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