The perfect luxury holiday

The holiday season is upon us and I’m getting excited about my holiday in Crete in July. I was just looking through the Trip Advisor…


The perfect luxury holiday

The holiday season is upon us and I’m getting excited about my holiday in Crete in July. I was just looking through the Trip Advisor reviews for the hotel we are staying in then did that thing where you end up looking something different on a different website and you’ve no idea how you got there. I’m always getting lost on the Internet!

Anyway, I decided to create my ideal luxury holiday. The type of holiday I’d love to have but probably can’t afford! Here’s what mine would have!

The perfect luxury holiday

The flight.

Getting a private jet would be a dream come true. One you could sleep on and wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the first day of your holiday! It would be perfect to arrive early in the morning so you can check in and be out by the pool by 10 am.

The hotel room.

A beach view is a must. There’s nothing like getting up and opening the balcony door to the sea. I don’t plan on spending loads of time in the room itself, but a big bed is a must and air con, as well as a full-length mirror and enough plugs for iPads/iPhones/camera chargers and hair straighteners.

A big bath would be nice, but let’s be honest, I’m probably be going to be just having quick showers between the beach and dinner so that would be a waste.

The perfect luxury holiday

Hotel features.

I love a choice of swimming pools and I prefer pools that are not the normal rectangle shape. That’s boring. One with a pool bar right in the pool would be amazing! We had that in our hotel in Cyprus and it was so nice to be able to order a drink while in the pool!

Other features I need are a gym that is air-conditioned that has decent equipment!  A lot of hotel gyms are outdated and there’s not much equipment to pick from. A few treadmills, stairmasters, watt bikes and a weight area with a squat rack would be great, thanks!

Dining options.

I’m not a fan of eating at the same places all the time, so I prefer a hotel that has a few different options when it comes to eating, as well as restaurants nearby.

Restaurants where you can sit outside and look out onto the sea or harbours are my favourite!

The perfect luxury holiday


BOAT TRIPS. I need boat trips. The ones that last a few hours and you stop at a few places and jump off the boat into the sea and can snorkel are the best.

I’m a water baby and love being in the sea. So the hotel must be by a beach. A beach that has a bar and sells ice-lollies!

I’m not too bothered about other entertainment. I do like traditional evenings where you get to experience some local food, music and dancing! But other than that, I’m usually ready for bed not long after my evening meal.

What’s your perfect holiday?


  1. Your ideal luxury holiday sounds fabulous! There is something extremely relaxing about being near and looking out over the water. Meals overlooking the harbour, boating, snorkelling or scuba diving and Ice lollies at the beach all sound delightful. Fantasy time? My perfect holiday would include a large water-view bedroom with a king-sized bed, a refrigerator stocked with munchies, a wide-screen TV with NetFlix etc. for late at night, and a coffee maker for the morning and maybe room service if I was too lazy to make it to the restaurant for breakfast. And an inflatable unicorn or mermaid for the pool. And maybe get a massage. 😀

  2. That sounds like it would be the perfect holiday! I find any time by the sea to be so relaxing, so that’s a feature I really look for when thinking about a holiday 🙂

    Hope that you are having a nice weekend 🙂

  3. It looks like a very nice place to stay and unwind. This is a type of place where you can relax and enjoy life. What a fantastic destination.

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