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The perfect evening chilling out with music

There is something really nice about spending an evening listening to music with a glass of wine. Or a bottle. 😉 It’s not something I…


The perfect evening chilling out with music

There is something really nice about spending an evening listening to music with a glass of wine. Or a bottle. 😉

It’s not something I get to do often, but last Friday my boyfriend was at a works dinner, so I had the evening to myself and decided to spend a bit of time delving back into one of my favourite past times! I’ve spent many evenings doing this when I was a student/single/living alone.

I love to search for any new albums my favourite artists may have out or listen to recommended artists, as well as listen to some old favourites and have a bit of a sing-a-long while being completely overwhelmed with nostalgia when I get to the songs I listened to in my university days!

I wanted to share a few essentials for having a music evening!

The perfect evening chilling out with music

The Music.

So, I’ve found the perfect way to have a music evening is to listen to a mixture of your complete favourite songs and undiscovered albums by some of your favourite bands. If you’re anything like me, you’ll have music from artists you love and listen to it over and over again. Years later, you’re still listening to the same albums. My favourite bands aren’t usually in the UK charts or on the radio, so I’m never sure when new albums are released or not. Going back to some of your most loved artists and seeing if they have some new releases can be such a delight.

Just listening to Tori Amos – she released her latest album in 2017. Who knew?

When I get so deep into the music mood, I get myself lost on YouTube watching acoustic covers of my favourites. This is when I’m generally past the point of no return and I won’t be doing anything else for the next three hours.

The Sound.

In my opinion, listening to music through full headphones is a way to get completely lost in it (as well as not disturb neighbours, housemates or other people that may be around).

Beats do some amazing quality earphones. They have wireless ones perfect for getting the full music experience without losing the feeling of freedom! These quick charging headphones give you award-winning sound as well as comfort with their cushioned ear cups which buffer outside noise so you can get the best music experience.

I can’t stress how important this is if you’re listening through a laptop or phone!

The Setting.

I miss the days that I could do this on my desktop. I have a big 32-inch screen, but sadly don’t have the chair in the room because it takes too much space. So the sofa and laptop it is for now, with dim lights, or scented candles.

Wine is a perfect match as it really helps me chill out and slows down my mind.

My go-to bands and artists.

Just in case you’re interested in what I like to listen to, here are some of my favourites:

  • Keaton Henson
  • Band of Horses
  • The National
  • Tori Amos
  • Trouble Over Toyko
  • Iron & Wine
  • Death Cab for Cutie
  • Postal Service
  • Purity Ring
  • Sia
  • Regina Spektor



The perfect evening chilling out with music

What are your tips for a perfect music evening?

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  1. Embarrassingly, as a musician, I never really do this! We do have lots of lovely CDs we should listen to more though!

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