The Minimalist Look #MyInteriorStyling

The Minimalist Look #MyInteriorStyling

Home envy is something I suffer from a lot. I see so many blog posts that showcase peoples perfect home and dream of starting from scratch with my own blank canvas. When we moved into our house, my boyfriend already had furniture. The house had recently been decorated by the previous owners – not to our taste, but everything looks okay, we don’t need to decorate. Basically, we moved our stuff in and set up the house without needing to do much to it.

I really love the minimalist look when it comes to interior styling. We have lots of stuff in a small space, but I can dream that one day we can achieve this look.

What I like about it is that everything is all open and bright. It looks crisp, airy and tiny. Clear sides and shelves give me such an uplifting feeling. A feeling of being free.

Looking through Julian Charles website, I’m looking at ways to make my own home more minimalistic, like with the bedding set below. I wanted to share some ideas on how you could do it too (well, mostly research how I can do it!).

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Tips on how to get the minimalist look in your home.

  • Declutter and get rid of things you don’t need! Books, DVDs, magazines, useless ornaments. Give them to a charity shop!
  • White white white with some earth tones!
  • Keep the floors plane, wooden floors are ideal.
  • Ensure you have a place to hide everyday items away, such as letters, pens, keys.
  • Shelves and surfaces should be as clear as possible.
  • Start by changing one room at a time.
  • Use accent decorations – such as one vase or photo on a shelf, one piece of art on the wall.
  • Have no more than one piece of art on the wall to stop it looking cluttered.
  • Make sure everything has a place that’s hidden away.
  • The less furniture the better, so get rid of useless objects!
  • Stop getting emotionally attached to objects. You end up keeping things you never use.

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