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Instagrammable Home Features & Decor Ideas

In times gone by, looking for inspiration for home decor meant one of two options. You could walk around vast showrooms, or you could buy…


Instagrammable Home Features & Decor Ideas

In times gone by, looking for inspiration for home decor meant one of two options. You could walk around vast showrooms, or you could buy specialist interior design magazines— and that was about it.

Times, however, have changed. The internet has meant that obtaining the inspiration you need to create home decor you love is easier than ever before. There are social media sites in particular that are the perfect choice for those looking for decor ideas: Pinterest, and perhaps more importantly, Instagram.

Home decor is a big deal on Instagram. There are huge numbers of accounts dedicated to nothing but home decor, both from professional designers and enthusiastic amateurs who want to show off their homes to their huge numbers of followers.

If you are looking to increase your Instagram following, choosing to follow in the footsteps of those other keen amateur designers is always going to be a good choice. The appetite for home decor, design, and style pictures is seemingly never-ending on the app, so you should be able to boost your followers by sharing images of your home.

My home for the new month. Not bad. Hello I’m in Australia! . . . #oz

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Design and decor choices that are always popular on Instagram

Of course, you shouldn’t let your home design be entirely influenced by what the Instagram community will like. However, there’s usually a reason that these features are popular on the app; because they look great, and you’ll usually find you’d want these design elements for your home regardless of their popularity. If you choose to install them, you’ll be able to double-down on the benefits; not only will your home look great, but sharing photos of these features should help to boost your likes and follower numbers too!

All-white design

White is a constant feature of Instagram homes, aligning neatly with the Scandi trend that has been so overwhelmingly popular over recent years. If you’ve been wanting to refresh your home with a new colour scheme, then you really can’t go wrong with all-white paint, furniture and flooring. If you’re concerned about the white becoming too sterile, then you can try using texture such as brick effect wallpaper.

When posting photographs of your all-white decor on Instagram, you’ll want to include the right hashtags. The top choices for this look are #whiteinterior and #whitehome.

Antique and vintage design touches

On the flipside of the all-white, ultra-modern interior, there’s also plenty of love for antique design touches on Instagram. From old-fashioned artwork to antique fireplaces, adding a classic touch to your home will always work well if you’re trying to boost your likes and followers.

You’ll want to use the hashtags #antiquehome and #vintagehome to showcase any pictures you take of relevant style touches in your own home. You’ll also see a lot of antique and vintage pieces on the more general, but extremely popular, hashtags such as #littlethings and #darlingmovement.

Natural features

Literally! Natural features such as plants, herbs, and other forms of greenery are an essential if you’re hoping your photos will make a splash on Instagram. It’s also worth remembering that keeping plants indoors can be extremely beneficial for the quality of the air inside your home, so this really is a win/win/win: plants look great, work well on Instagram, and help to improve your health!

Of course, you’re going to need your hashtags: #naturalhome is always a good choice. You could also try #plantsofInstagram; it’s not quite so targeted towards the ‘home’ communities, but that could actually be of benefit to you— it’s another group of potential followers for you to try and make the most of!

“In progress” decor and renovations

Given what we have discussed thus far, you may suspect that the only homes that Instagram users want to see are perfect, pristine, and complete— just as would be showcased in conventional magazines. However, this isn’t actually the case; there is as much (if not more!) of an appetite for renovation and “in development” photos on Instagram. People love to see glimpses in how people’s homes are progressing and will follow an account just to see how the project progresses through each stage.

There’s plenty of hashtags related to home design and improvement, but to stand out in the crowd, you may want to choose options such as #reno or #homereno. The most common tags of #homerenovation, and similar are extremely popular, which can mean that it’s all too easy for your posts to be lost.

This hotel is pretty awesome! Almost ready for my niece hen do! . . . #henparty #austraila #melbourne #holidays2017 #family #woo

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A few other thoughts on making the most of Instagram homes

  • Only opt for a design feature that you genuinely love. When you see the same styles popular on Instagram, it can act as a strange kind of peer pressure to incorporate that style into your own home. This isn’t a good idea; your opinion — not Instagram’s — should always be paramount!
  • As well as choosing the right hashtags, it’s worth noting that the posts featured above all have one thing in common: they are good photographs. The basic components of good photography are always going to ensure that your photographs are as a successful as possible on Instagram; with good lighting and framing an essential. If you’re not sure of your skills in this department, then you might want to consider reading up on some beginner’s photography tips.
  • Even with these tips in mind, you will face one battle that is incredibly difficult to overcome: the fact that you are always going to be taking photographs indoors. This means you’ll always be fighting lighting conditions and on grey, dreary days, that’s a battle you’re not going to be able to win. Thankfully, there is a solution: image editing apps can make all the difference. These can boost brightness without making a photo look as if it has been overly-filtered. VSCO and A Color Story are two popular options you may want to consider.

In conclusion

By choosing home design elements that you love and that are popular on Instagram, you’ll be able to enjoy the best of both your online and offline spaces. Enjoy!

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