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How to save money at a Wedding

Weddings are expensive, so much so that some people take loans out for them! While I understand why some people feel the need to spend…


Weddings are expensive, so much so that some people take loans out for them! While I understand why some people feel the need to spend tens of thousands of pounds on their wedding – I mean, it is the happiest day of their life – I’m not sure getting into debt for it is the right thing to do!

Each to their own, of course, I’m not here to tell anyone how they should manage their finances. What I am trying to say is that I would rather spend less money on a wedding and more money on a house and more money towards raising a family.

With the perfect weddings plastered all over Instagram and Pinterest, the pressure is on to create the perfect day. But it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you think, there are lots of things you can do to reduce the cost of your wedding! Here are a few of them:

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Don’t get married on a Saturday.

Weekends are the most popular day for a wedding – this means that they are in high demand and venues, photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists are more expensive.

Opt for a weekday. Don’t worry about if it will put people off coming – you generally set a date for a wedding a year or more in advance which is plenty of time to book a holiday with work!

Don’t rush into marriage.

You don’t have to get married as soon as you are engaged. It’s fine to wait two, three or even four years so you can wait until you have saved money and can afford your wedding. Long engagements are very common!

Don’t have a sit-down meal.

You don’t have to have a sit-down meal, there are many ways to cater for your wedding. Your typical British buffet of sausage rolls and breadsticks with dip is probably a no-no, but I went to an Indian wedding a few years ago that served Indian food as a buffet and it was delicious! I also one to one that served typical British food like steak and kidney pie in this way and it worked really well.

Use the skills of your family.

You don’t have to buy an expensive wedding cake. My Mum bakes amazing cakes and she baked the fruit layer of my nieces Wedding cake, then my Mum, Sister-In-Law and Aunt iced it. I’m pretty sure my Mum would love to bake me a cake if I ever got married!

You could also do similar things for hair, makeup and the photographer. If you know someone who is good at those things, ask them! Unless it is someone who is really close to you, you should be paying them something in exchange!

No open bar. 

Open bars are expensive and while it’s nice to treat your guests to one, you might want to consider giving it a miss. A couple of bottles of wine on the table instead could be a cheaper option – supermarkets often have 25% 6 bottles of more so fill your boots!

Make your own bouquet.

Rather than spending hundreds or thousands your wedding dress bouquet, consider making your own. There are loads of online flower services now that you can order from. You can use these to make your own bouquet and the bridesmaids.

Have fake flowers.

When I was a bridesmaid for my niece, we had fake flowers for our bouquet. It’s actually really nice as you can keep them after. They weren’t expensive, just from a home store in the mall. I gave mine to my niece to keep when I left Australia as it would have gotten squashed in my bag!

Make table decorations.

There are loads of handmade wedding favours you can make without spending lots of money. Traditional sweet jars, hand-crafted place cards, decorate vases and flowers yourself.

You can even get some really cheap wedding favours for under a pound! Little keepsakes for your guests to take away with them are always nice!

Make activity packs for kids.

I love this idea – make little bags for all the children attending with activities for them to do. Some colour pencils and look online for printable colouring in pages, puzzles and more. Getting something with their name on is an extra nice touch.

Look into prom sites for dresses.

My bridesmaids dress for my nieces’ wedding was from a prom-dress site. All 4 of them were and they were a decent price. You do run the risk of them not fitting right or looking different, but ours all turned out really well!

You could also do this with your wedding dress if you’re happy to take the risk!

So there you have it, some quick wins to save on your wedding.

Do you have any tips?


  1. Ah, We finally my wedding and I am loosing my mind! Everything is so expensive! We definitely having a cash bar, ain’t no way I am paying for people to get drunk.

    Candice | Natalya Amour

  2. I really hope we can DIY a few things for our wedding! Not only does it cut the cost but it’s a cute personal touch too! It’s crazy how much more expensive everything gets just because you throw the word ‘wedding’ infront of it!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  3. These are good tips! Our wedding we kept small and affordable, although we did splash out a little on the reception venue as we both loved it so much! 🙂

    Hope that you are having a great week so far! Almost the weekend! 🙂

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