How to relax after a hard week

How to relax after a hard week

We all have those killer weeks that stress us out. Too much to do at work, deadlines at university or issues with families and friends can all cause us to roll our eyes and say ‘I can’t wait for this week to be over’.

If your anything like me, stress can be linked to lack of sleep. Which can then open a whole can of worms to other issues. Lack of sleep makes me not want to go to the gym, it gives me vertigo and puts me in a bad mental state generally. Which is why it is important to make sure you are nice and relaxed.

Here are some things you can do to chill out after a long week.

Watch a movie with no distractions.

Putting your phone and tech away while watching a film is a great way to switch off. Being on your phone is such a distraction and can prevent that feeling of getting lost in a film. Let your mind relax and forget about reality for a couple of hours!

Hot chocolate and an early night.

It might be tempting to reach for the wine after a long week, but you could just end up with a bad nights sleep and a headache in the morning. Instead, treat yourself to your favourite non-alcoholic drink. For me, that’s hot chocolate. Then get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

Have a massage.

Get yourself some massage supplies and get your other half to treat you to a massage or book yourself into a spa. Although I’m way too ticklish to have a massage, it works a treat for lots of people.

Go outside.

Getting outside is a great way to relax. Go for a walk or run somewhere pretty. There are loads of walking paths around with stunning views that can really help clear your mind as well as getting some exercise.

Light candles.

There is something instantly relaxing about candlelight. So whether you are watching TV, reading or chatting with a friend or partner – get some candles going to instantly relax the mood!

How do you relax after a stressful week?

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  • Aimee Hyndman

    Great tips. I am so guilty of multi-tasking when watching a film – I’m usually on my phone, Nintendo or laptop whilst watching something. I’m going to try to curb that habit and let myself enjoy something on TV without feeling like I need to do something else at the same time.

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