Creating my dream bedroom

We spend about a third of our lives in our bedroom, so it’s important we create a space we like. In an ideal world, I’d…


We spend about a third of our lives in our bedroom, so it’s important we create a space we like.

In an ideal world, I’d have a big bedroom with lots of windows with an airy feel. Of course, I do not live in an ideal world so I can only dream of how I would like my bedroom to be!

For starters, I’d want it to be minimal. I want to wake up to a clean and clear space, not one that is full of clutter, chaos and too much colour! Here are some key features that are important to me:

Super King Sized Bed

The bed is probably the most important part of the bedroom. Although cuddling up with your other half is nice, when the summer months come a big bed is something you will wish for! You don’t want to be overheating due to being too close and if you’re anything like me, who likes to spread out a bit, a big bed can save a lot of arguments!

Get yourself to some showrooms and make sure you pick a comfortable mattress. Don’t get a cheap one!


Imagine how perfect it would be to step out of bed and onto a balcony, where you can sit in the morning sun in your dressing gown, drinking your morning coffee. It seems like the perfect way to wake up to me! When I’m on holiday I always wake up like this and would love to make it a daily thing. Okay, maybe daily is pushing it – but something I do on the weekends!

Bedside tables.

Bedside tables with a lamp can be practical. We only have little corner shelves at the moment due to space and my poor boyfriend doesn’t even have a plug on his side of the bed! I have one, which has a lamp that has a USB point to charge my phone.

You don’t need much more than a lamp, a glass of water and your phone on your bedside table, but it would be handy to have one with a drawer or two to keep things like books, charging cables and other nik naks so they are out of view.

A cosy corner.

Imagine having one of those big windows that have the cushioned window seats! Perfect for reading or watching the snow. I’d love one of those, but is asking for one of those plus a balcony pushing it? If not, I’d settle for a comfy chair with an ottoman – one that you can lift the lid and store things inside!

Dressing table.

Now, let’s get to the important stuff for us ladies. A dressing table. Something else I am lacking at the moment! I’ve not had one since I was a child, to be honest! A simple white table with drawers to keep makeup and a dressing table mirror.

Walk-in Wardrobe.

Now, who doesn’t dream of a walk-in wardrobe? Somewhere you can keep all your clothes and see them on view. Enough space to store them all without shoving dresses and cardigans in drawers! Shoes all on display and a full-length mirror to get that perfect Instagram shot before your big night out.

I love it!

What features do you want in your bedroom?

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  1. I love the minimalist approach and would love to have all interior in my bedroom with a huge window. 🙂

    ♥ Jadirah Sarmad

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