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Brighten up your house in style

AD|. I don’t know about you, but when I was a child I used to draw unrealistically large plans of my future home. It would…


AD|. I don’t know about you, but when I was a child I used to draw unrealistically large plans of my future home. It would have a grand hallway with stairs that go up either side of the room and meet at the time.

The focal point would be a massive chandelier hanging down. Though I’m a little bit more realistic about what I can and can’t afford, but I still have a thing for grand light fixtures and wanted to share some interesting bits of lighting I’ve found lately.

Studio Arntzen.

Dutch lighting designer Paula Arntzen runs this interesting design light shop which can meet the needs of those looking for home lighting, business lightening and more. Paula’s philosophy is to push the boundaries of design and her stylistic research, she does this by experimenting with different materials and techniques to cause theatre through her designs, which really shows. In particular, I love the concept of the paper project.

I also really love one of her furniture projects, open for all, which is a bench that is made out of recycled plastic and can only be folded by the shared energy of two people to increase contact and dialogue. A way to get people to work together in this era of people staring at their phones rather than communicating with those around them!

Authentic Turkish Lamp

Based in London and selling through Etsy, the Authentic Turkish Lamp shop has some amazing designs. They have so many stunning lamps and lights perfect to be a focal point for any home. I love the wall lamps they have.

When I was a child, I had this big fascination with this old-fashioned almost royal look. Gold and grand items in a home always stole my heart – the chandelier on the left really does appeal to the younger me! I love the light patterns the wall lamp on the right leaves on the wall and ceiling. I imagine having something like this in my office. Not that I have an office, but it’s in my future plans!

Little Empire Homeware

Another Etsy seller – Little Empire Homeware sells more than just lights but many other items of furniture that can be customised by request. There are many unique pieces in this shop, as well as some adorable fill your own style advent calenders!

The lamp on the left is lovely. I remember when the star, moon and sun theme came out as a big thing in the 90’s. I had my whole bedroom decorated in it and the lamp would have fitted right in. It would be lovely in a nursery!

We actually have a glass dome lamp similar to the one on the right and love that style of lamp. Another one for the office I don’t have yet!

brighten up your house Little Empire Homeware
Little Empire Homeware Lamps


I love Wayfair, they have a great variety of products, they have both designer lighting and value lighting!

The geometric pendant light would look fabulous in a kitchen, think of a kitchen bar with three of them having over it! I had to opt for a floor lamp as ours is on its last legs – but I’m not sure I’m up for spending £800 on one!

What do you think of lighting? Is it something you put a lot of thought into in your home?


  1. I have been obsessed with these hanging lights! I love the copper option

    Candice | Natalya Amour

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