Best Ways to Stay Fit Without Realising

Not everyone loves going to the gym. Lifting weights, running, and other strenuous activities can be some peoples worst nightmare! It’s hard to make yourself…


Best Ways to Stay Fit Without Realising

Not everyone loves going to the gym. Lifting weights, running, and other strenuous activities can be some peoples worst nightmare! It’s hard to make yourself to something you hate, so if running a 5k seems like your idea of hell, should you really make yourself do it? Fortunately, there are still plenty of activities that you can do to stay in shape without even realising you’re exercising:

Best Ways to Stay Fit Without Realising


Getting out on your bike in the sun can be an amazing feeling! If you’re not used to cycling, stick to flat routes and if you’re not very confident on the road, there are loads of off-road cycling paths you can look into get a great workout in while enjoying the sun and the sites!


Golf is a common sport for a reason – it’s relatively safe and involves simple motions along with plenty of walking and moving around. It’s also a great way to get some steps in, to socialise and soak up some scenery and sun. If you’re new to golfing and don’t want to make a fool of yourself on the golf course, you’ll want to take some lessons and gear up. You can get an idea of everything you’ll need by browsing golf gear blogs like

Swimming and Aqua Aerobics

Although fast-paced swimming like the kind you see from Olympic swimmers isn’t easy for everyone, the great thing about swimming is that you can go as slow as you want. If you’re not a confident swimmer, you can swim in the shallow end, so you can stand up for relief if you get tired or panicky. There are plenty of aqua aerobics exercises that you can use to tone various areas of the body and improve overall cardio. This is a great way to keep fit while you’re on holiday, too!

Walking and Light Hiking

Walking is great because it’s as easy as putting one foot in front of the other. Plus, the fluid and soft motion of walking is much easier on your joints and bones than jogging or running. If you’re in decent shape, you can even try tackling some novice hiking trails, but be sure to bring plenty of water, don’t hike on hot days, and avoid trails that have steep inclines or challenging sections.

It’s a great activity all the family can get involved in!


Yoga is an activity that everyone should engage in at least 2-3 times per week. These ancient stretching and breathing exercises can improve your flexibility, reduce the likelihood of injury, expand lung capacity, improve endurance, and sharpen focus and mental clarity. In fact, many professional athletes have used yoga to extend their athletic careers with impressive results (i.e. – Kareem Abdul Jabarr).

Creating a Fitness Schedule that’s Easy to Adhere to

In closing, it’s important to keep things doable and sustainable. You’re not going to stick to something you hate- The saying “less is more” definitely applies here, as doing the above exercises for even just 30 minutes per day is enough to have a positive impact on your physical condition. You never know, once you get into the routine, you might start actually loving exercise and want to try new things!

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  1. I swear by yoga for relaxation not to mention it has also done wonders for my posture.

  2. Swimming and walking are two of my favourite things! They never feel like ‘exercise’ to me. I’ve really gotten into Yoga over the last few years too, again it feels less like exercise and more like ‘me time’, it’s just so chilled and calming!

    Sarah 🙂

  3. Although I’m not a big gym goes (I don’t think I’ve ever been to one, haha!) I do love swimming, and of course walking the dog is mandatory, ha!

    Hope that you are having a great week, almost the weekend! 🙂

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