5 Tips to Painting Your Bathroom

The bathroom is obviously the smallest place in any home. However, it’s importance can’t be overlooked because that’s where we go when the need for…


5 Tips to Painting Your Bathroom

The bathroom is obviously the smallest place in any home. However, it’s importance can’t be overlooked because that’s where we go when the need for getting clean arises. Since it occupies a small area, it’s easy to maintain it. In fact, you only need to apply a fresh coat of paint and you will be able to retain its appeal.  Painting the bathroom is actually one of those projects that you can handle by yourself. As long as you are armed with proper tools, you should be able to give your bathroom a facelift in a couple of hours. Below are tips that can help you get started with the paint job.

5 Tips to Painting Your Bathroom

  1. Prepare the Walls

You should never attempt to spread a new layer of paint on top of an old layer. If you do so, your bathroom will end up with a horrible outlook. Besides that, the new layer will even wear out much faster due to the contamination that results from coming into contact with a surface that’s full of mould and dirt. It’s therefore advisable that you first wash the walls with water because it helps in removing any contaminants that might be present. You should actually scrub with a brush that has hard bristles to ensure that you get rid of all impurities including mould. You should also uninstall the toilet tank because you can’t reach the surface beneath it when it’s still mounted on the wall.

  1. Select the Colors

Once you finish preparing the walls, you should proceed by choosing your favourite colours. You should select light colours because a dark colour will make your bathroom look dull. If you are not sure about your choice of colours, you should consult a painting contractor. A professional painter should be able to guide you in picking the most ideal colour. The advantage of involving such a professional at an early stage is that you are able to limit instances of painting mistakes because you are banking on his experience. And if you don’t have the time to handle the project on your own, he can easily take over from where you left and still guarantee the best results at the end of the project.

  1. Get the Tools

Painting can be an easy job when you have the correct tools. With only an arsenal of just a few tools, you can finish the job within a day. You just need to have a few sets of brushes, including a roller brush for painting hard to reach surfaces, masking tape and ordinary brushes and the various paints. If you don’t own a roller brush, you can rent one from the nearest convenience store.

  1. Cover the Floor, tub and Counters

Painting is a messy affair. Paint can sprinkle on unintended surfaces. Since removing such stains takes more time, you should do all it takes to avoid such instances. The simplest thing to do is cover the floor, the tubs and countertops with sheets of clothing. These old rugs will absorb all the stray sprinkles of paint.

  1. Start with the Roof         

When getting started with the paint job, you should give first priority to the areas that are not easy to reach. In the case of a bathroom, you should start with the roof and then move over to the walls below. This approach helps in preventing the walls from getting stained once you have finished spreading a layer of paint. Once you are done, you should open all the windows and turn on the fan. This is because proper ventilation causes paint to dry much faster.

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