5 key home features I want

I’m forever dreaming of my ideal home. Of course, I’d have to win the lottery to get everything I want but there is no harm…


5 key home features I want

I’m forever dreaming of my ideal home. Of course, I’d have to win the lottery to get everything I want but there is no harm in dreaming! Here are some key features I’d like my home to have:

5 key home features I want

A fire pit.

It’s currently sunny as I’m writing this. Perfect weather for sitting in the garden in the afternoon with a glass of wine. One of the many problems with the UK weather is that no matter how warm it is during the day, as soon as the sun goes down so does the heat! It’s not like when you’re on holiday and the evenings are warm too.

This is where the fire pit comes in. Added warmth and heat makes it a great way for you to see in the summer evenings with friends! Now pass me that glass of wine..

5 key home features I want


Conservatories are a great way to add extra space to your home. With all the windows it is a great bright place to be and it can be used for many things, an office, a playroom, a dining room, an extra reception room and more. I love the idea of having it as a dining area for entertaining guests. Another area of your home perfect for the summer as guests can hang out in the conservatory as well as outside without feeling too cut off from each other. If you have kids, it’s an ideal place to sit so you can keep an eye on them while they play in the garden.

Aluminium windows.

Replacement aluminium windows are a must if you’re wanting long lasting windows that help you control the cost of warming your home by helping your house retain warmth. This is because aluminium windows have improved thermal efficiency!

Aluminium is a strong and light metal that doesn’t expand in the heat or retract in the cold. This means your windows will have no draft or jams to help them last longer.

They’re also easy to maintain and don’t need treating like wooden frames. The look pretty slick, too.

Kitchen Island.

I know I have mentioned this before but I’m basically going to keep on mentioning it until I get my way. It will involve moving house though because there’s no space in our current kitchen!

I love kitchen islands, they make a great focal point to the kitchen. As well as having loads of space to prepare food, it also makes a great social area when guests are over too. Enough room for friends to pull up a stool and sit and chat with you while you make food.

An office.

I had a cross between an office and a dressing room in my old house and I loved it. Having a separate area to work and blog is something I really like. It means the living room is then reserved for relaxing. I do have my computer in the spare room but space is limited to the point where we took the chair out. So I can’t blog on that computer. I just have my Xbox connected up to it and play that on the arm chair in the corner!

I’d love to have my own space again, although I’m probably dreaming here – I’m more likely to have a corner of a room while my boyfriend has another corner for his guitars.

What key features would your dream home have?

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  1. Conservatories are a great way to get additional space and I would love an island in my kitchen Lucy x

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