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TV shows you should be watching

My life is pretty full on, after a 2-hour commute, full day shift at work and an intense gym session, I like to spend the…


TV shows you should be watching

My life is pretty full on, after a 2-hour commute, full day shift at work and an intense gym session, I like to spend the little time I have in the evening on the sofa relaxing and watching TV.

We have a big 55-inch TV. When I first saw it in my boyfriends flat at the start of our relationship I thought it looked huge. But do you know what? I’d never go back to a smaller TV now. When I went back to my flat, my little 40-inch looked tiny!

I’ve come to understand the importance of a decent TV that has a good picture. It’s quite like making sure you have a decent bed. They are things worth spending money on because you use them daily and they last years. Whether it’s something like the hdr tv Panasonic, a curved screen or 3D TV, it’s worth investing in.

I hardly ever used to watch TV, now we like to watch series on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

TV shows you should be watching

Here are some of my recent favourites:


We’ve recently started watching Vikings on Amazon Prime and I like it so much more than I thought I would. It reminds me a bit of Game of Thrones but not as complicated. With Game of Thrones, I sometimes struggled to keep up with who was who as there were so many storylines going on at once.

Simply speaking. Vikings is about when the Vikings sailed across the ocean to raid England. It’s a historical drama about the famous Viking Ragnar Lodbrok, a hero and ruler. It starts with him being a simple farmer and throughout the series, you see him grow and gain status.

As you would expect, the show contains many battles, death, loss and love. We’re halfway through season 2 now and I love it.

Girls Incarcerated.

Girls Incarcerated is an 8 part American documentary about the teenage inmates of Madison Juvenile Correctional Facility in Madison.

The young women have all been sent to the correctional facility to help them get their life back on track after getting into some kind of trouble. This is often to do with drugs, fighting or other crime.

The show follows the girls and how the prison works – social dynamics, friendships, their education and has one-on-one interviews with the girls.

The show is a million miles away from anything I’ve ever experienced so I find it interesting how these girls live.

Santa Clarita Diet.

This show follows a very normal Sheila Hammond, who is married with a daughter. An everyday suburban family. Then Sheila is transformed into a zombie.

It’s a silly, light-hearted comedy following the family how the learn to deal with Sheila’s hunger for human flesh.

The Sinner.

This show followers Cora, a young mother who lives with her husband in a quiet town. One day, she stabs a man to death in public. For no apparent reason.

The detective assigned to the case tries to uncover why she committed the crime, which unlocks a whole mess of uncomfortable history.


Love follows the relationship of Gus and Mickey – a very unlikely couple. Gus is what you would probably describe as a geeky wus. Mickey is an alcoholic and sex addict with a bold and outgoing personality.

It’s interesting to see their characters develop as does their relationship – it’s hilarious in parts but also raw and painful.

What have you been watching lately?


  1. i’ve not seen any of these but vikings has been on my to-watch list for a while! i’ll have to give it a go soon. some shows i’ve been enjoying lately are marcella, the good place and a few murder miniseries, haha! xx

  2. I tried with Santa Clarita but just couldn’t get into it, spent more time looking at my phone than watching it! Vikings is on my to-watch list for sure, it looks right up my street!

    Love the tv pic 😉

    Sarah 🙂

    Saloca in Wonderland

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