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Tips on How to Transform Your Garden

Finally, the days are getting longer and we are starting to see those promising glimpses of the sun coming back out. The days of barbeques…


Finally, the days are getting longer and we are starting to see those promising glimpses of the sun coming back out. The days of barbeques and summer gatherings in the garden are within touching distance. Now is the best time to get your garden ready for the Summer season, so that when the warmer days arrive you can enjoy sitting outside and have a space you can be proud of inviting friends and family into. You don’t need lots of time or money to give your garden a mini facelift, in fact, it can be done over a day or a weekend!

Do the basics

It might seem obvious, but by taking an hour to weed the garden, take up any dead plants and mow the lawn you can make an instant improvement to your garden. If you are feeling up to it, try and tackle the gutters and downpipes. Remove any leaves and moss to prevent future leaks and also eliminate any smell of rotting which can become quite apparent when the sun starts to warm it all back up… yuck. If your garden is mostly made out of decking and is looking a little bit worse for wear it can quickly be spruced up and made to look brand new by using a jet wash. If you have rented or borrowed a jet wash from a friend, also take the opportunity to quickly give the garden furniture a once over.

Spruce things up

Once you have given the garden a cleanup and have it looking a bit more cultivated after its wild winter, you can get started on the little jobs that take a bit more time. For example, fences, sheds, greenhouses and wooden garden furniture take longer to resurrect to look brand new again. You will probably need to sand paper the wooden surfaces down and treat them again with a new stain or layer of decking paint. You may need to make the decision to replace some of the more aged garden fixings. If the greenhouses windows are broken or the wooden tables and chairs are splintering badly, no amount of new layers of paint will bring these pieces of furniture back from the dead. Instead, you will be wasting your time and efforts trying to revamp them. You may have to throw in the ‘trowel’ and look into buying a new wooden greenhouse or set of fence panels, but it will be an investment which will return to you twofold. You will be amazed at how refreshed your outdoor living space will look with old furniture replaced, and you will be able to look forward to using them so much more this Summer.

Finishing touches

Now that you have the garden back to where you want it, think about taking a trip to your local garden centre or doing some research online for garden decorations. If you are looking to invest in your garden more this Spring/Summer season, think about getting a gazebo. They make fantastic private and sheltered spaces in the garden which are perfect for entertaining guests, and if they have side panels they allow you to spend even longer outside on Summer nights. If you are wanting to make a difference on a smaller budget, get some string lights hanging! They create a lovely, romantic ambience. Also, fill the garden with bird feeders to encourage a variety of beautiful and musically talented little friends into the garden with you.


  1. Oh I like the idea of painting the fence! Our little garden i s so tiny, but the wooden fence is such a big part of it, I wonder if we would be allowed to paint it? (We live under a body corporate here so there are little by-laws about what we can do.)

    Hope you are having a lovely week so far. We have some cooler weather at last so it’s starting to feel a little more like autumn 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to get out in the garden, I need to paint my garden furniture, I already have a pink fence x

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