Sweet Violet Gin

Sweet Violet Gin

I’m one of those sickos that love parma violet sweets. I know a lot of people hate them, but I’ve always been obsessed with them. So when I found out there was a parma violet flavoured gin, it went straight on my wishlist.

I bought this from the gin-shop in Whitby, it was £25 for 50cl. Which is quite expensive by my standards, especially as it’s only 18.7%

I wasn’t sure what to drink this with but after reading some reviews, I read that mixers can dilute the flavour, so I drank it with just 2 cubes of ice.

It really does taste like parma violets! It’s an intensely sweet drink and a glass with a double shot and some ice in is enough. It’s not something you could drink all night as it is very sweet, but it’s great for one drink before moving onto something else. Or being a responsible drinking and stopping at one drink. Whatever floats your boat.

Sweet Violet Gin Sweet Violet Gin Sweet Violet Gin Sweet Violet Gin

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