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Move or Improve? How To Bring Positive Change in Your Life

You have the power to bring positive change. From where you live to the order you place for dinner in a restaurant, it all has…


You have the power to bring positive change. From where you live to the order you place for dinner in a restaurant, it all has an impact and influence on you and your life. So look around at those influences and think about if there are any things that you would change. If they aren’t bringing positivity to your life, then it can be time for a change. After all, growth and change are the energy of life. By making some small changes (or even big ones if you’re feeling adventurous), then you will allow yourself to grow and change each day and with each change. It might sound a little cheesy, but small changes can add up and have a big impact or influence on your path to a healthy, well, lovely, and balanced life.

The good news is that change can feel pretty contagious too. Once you’ve changed something about yourself or an aspect of your life, you’re likely to want to carry on doing more and more. If this sounds like something you need to do in your life, then here are some ideas for change.

Move or Improve? How To Bring Positive Change in Your Life

Write a Journal

Being able to express yourself and write out thoughts and feelings can be so therapeutic. Which is why writing a journal can be a simple change that you can add to your life. Some days might be more of what you have been doing. But there are other times in life when you will really notice writing things down and the impact that it has on you. Recording feelings or how you dealt with things, as well as the things that have made you happy or the things you’ve achieved, are all good.

Join a Club or Group

There is strength in numbers, and plenty of good things do happen when you’re part of a group. So joining a local club or group can be a good thing for you. Think about your passions and where they lie; a choir, a fitness group, a sports team, or a political campaign. It will give you new friendships, new focus, and something that will allow you to pursue your passions with like-minded people. When you have something in common, it can make friendships easier and more positive than it would with people at work, for instance. So it can be a good way to make change and change the people that you associate with.

Make a Move

They say that a change is as good as a rest. But what about a move? From moving just your home to a whole new area, you have plenty of options. So think about it; are you fed up of where you are living at the moment? Does it just remind you of negativity or the actual home you live in just isn’t adequate? Then make a move! Change your environment and it can be an easy win to getting the happiness in life that you’re after.

Moving home can feel like quite a long process, though, right? But if you own your home, and want to sell your house instantly, you could try a property buying company website like Flying Homes, for example. There are a few out there. So if a quick move is what you need to bring change and positivity to your life, then it could be worth looking into sooner rather than later.

Rearrange Things at Home

If the thought of moving elsewhere or just moving home seems a little much for you right now, then making some smaller changes to your physical surroundings could be just what you need instead. So think about what could be rearranged where you live. How about moving your bedroom around and changing the placement if your bed? You could move the living room furniture around too to give you a new perspective as you sit in the room. Equally, getting new things to complement what you already have in the home can be a positive change to mix things up and embrace a certain style in your home.

Try a New Exercise Routine

The day to day ins and outs of life can get repetitive and dull when we don’t make changes to it. And let’s face it, when you’re in a bit of a rut with life, your workout regime (or lack of one), goes the same way. For a change of pace, then how about changing up your workout routine? F you’re not a member of a gym, then it could be joining one that will make the difference for you. If you already are, then why not try something new? It could be taking up tennis lessons, trying yoga, a martial art like capoeira, or something like tai-chi. You never know, you could find a new passion or hobby to pursue, as well as you making a positive change in your life.

Be a Tourist

Whether in your local town or going somewhere abroad, being a tourist can be a fun thing to do, and a good way to make a change to your time. Travel gives you an appreciation for what you have, as well as showing you a wider and greater perspective than your own. So think about where you would like to travel to; how much would it cost to get there? If you’ve got it saved, then get it booked. If not, then you have something to work towards. Where will your next trip be to? If you can only stay close to home, then take a day where you have nothing else to think about, and play tourist where you live. When you see it out of the eyes of a tourist, it can be a really positive thing that will help you to appreciate where you love and what it has to offer. If you really can’t find anything good, then it could be time to make a move; see point above!

Challenge Yourself

Sometimes it can feel like you haven’t really got any extra time to challenge yourself or do anything new. But when you make time for something new, it can be a great thing that will help you to reap plenty of rewards. So what have you always fancied doing? Here are a few ideas:

  • Train for something like a 5K race, a triathlon, or a half-marathon. It gives you a focus and a real sense of achievement when you have completed the goal.
  • Learning a new language can open many doors for you. From opportunities in the workplace, to simply breaking the language barrier when you meet people if you travel. So think about what you can do to learn a new language. There are online courses, as well as things like night school. It doesn’t just have to be a spoken language, though. Have you ever thought about sign language? That can be an amazing skill to develop.
  • Being an activist for change can be a great thing to give you focus and to help you have a positive impact on the environment around you. It could be starting a charity, helping out locally, or looking for something to do in your community.
  • Writing a book, whether you plan to sell it or not, is a great way to have fun and get your creative juices flowing. It gives you a focus for your spare time, and can be an enjoyable journey. You never know, it could turn out amazingly and lead to many more great things.
  • Planning something bold like a career change or a plan to travel the world can be a good thing to do, as you have something to work towards. So think about a far-off goal of yours and then you can go from there. No matter how unrealistic your goal or venture might seem, daring to write it down and assess the steps that could take you there can be a profoundly liberating experience.

Quit Toxic Things

It can be all very well to make some new and exciting changes in your life that will bring you positivity. But if you are carrying on with some of the toxic things in your life, then how long will the good outweigh the toxicity? It may be people in your life that you need to cut out of it, or things that you are doing, such as your bad habits. It could be groups or clubs that you’re already a part of, as well as anything else that you find has a negative place in your life. Some things will be hard to just cut old, cold-turkey. But weaning yourself off, or removing yourself from situations can be what you need to get started. When you see the benefit of not having that thing or person in your life, then it will make the whole thing much easier.

Making some positive changes in your life can be pretty simple if you let. Think about a few small changes at a time, and the impact of them all really will add up. Good luck!

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