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Are your page views dropping? Here’s how to get them up again!

Keeping pageviews high is hard work. I know because when I put in the hard work, I see great results. Then when I get busy…


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Keeping pageviews high is hard work. I know because when I put in the hard work, I see great results. Then when I get busy with other things so I can’t spend hours a day on promoting my blog, it shows.

Here are some things you can do to get your views back up:

Are your page views dropping? Here's how to get them up again!

  • Comment on other peoples blogs.
  • Follow similar bloggers on Twitter and interact with them.
  • Clear our your Twitter account by unfollowing accounts you’re not interested in so you can see those you are.
  • Schedule tweets linking to your post.
  • Optimise your posts for search engines.
  • Have a punchy title.
  • Ask your friends to retweet your posts.
  • Link back to your previous content.
  • Format your content properly so it’s easier to read.
  • Publish regular content.
  • Interact with other bloggers on social media.
  • Find what works for you rather than copying others.
  • Work to improve your blog photos.
  • Work out your most popular posts and write about similar things.
  • Stumble your posts.
  • Ask questions to encourage your readers to interact.
  • Add share buttons to make it easier for people to share your posts.
  • Publish your posts on Pinterest. And pray.
  • Let your personality shine though.

Do you have tips to help traffic?


  1. Great tips I am really struggling at the moment to find time and the frustration is real. I can see why many give up their blogs. I am holding on in there and hoping that as Noah gets bigger it will get easier Lucy x

    1. It’s hard but on a good note, you get to find out who your loyal and long time readers are!

  2. Thanks for the list! Recently started paying some more attention to my blog after a break and I’ve been doing a few of these things and noticed the difference. Looking forward to implementing a few more. – Zara

  3. Hahah I so publish and pray on Pinterest too, I am SO clueless on there lol, My views have dipped big time this month with my exams coming up – I just don’t have the time to engage as much! 🙁

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  4. Thanks for this list! I feel like I know all these things but it’s hard to remember all of them, all the time. So, thanks for the reminder. I think we all have our blogging ups and downs, and I’m in one of those downs. I still love blogging, but I’ve been a little too lackadaisical with it lately. It’s time to get serious again!

  5. Some great tips. What a lot of people forget also, is that not to panic over the summer months. Views drop because everyone who reads blogs are out enjoying the weather more with their families

  6. Keeping blog views up can be a huge challenge and I dont think a lot of people really realize how much work it takes! This list is a great starting point to keep in mind for sure!

  7. Pinterest is still a complete mystery to me–“and pray” is the right way to put it! I am focusing on publishing more and getting the word out. It’s a slow process, but I enjoy it!

  8. “and pray” with Pinterest is definitely my approach! I still have no idea how it works and I’m not paying Tailwind to repost the few pins that I have. I’m much more active on Twitter and though the uptake is slow, I enjoy the process of trying to push more readers to my blog. Thanks for the tips!

  9. Thank you for the great post!! I love that a lot of these suggestions are smaller things you can do that will make a difference! I’ll definitely be using some of them on my blog!

  10. Great tips! I’m doing most of these things but I guess it will take time. Just wondering around how long will you get to see results on this? thanks!

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