5 Reasons Why Massage Therapy Is The Best Business

Not everyone wants to work for a boss. Not everyone wants to sit behind a desk plugging away at a computer. Some people want flexibility,…


5 Reasons Why Massage Therapy Is The Best Business

Not everyone wants to work for a boss. Not everyone wants to sit behind a desk plugging away at a computer. Some people want flexibility, to help people, have control over their work life, and enjoy what they are doing. Massage therapy is a viable business option that can give you all those things when you desire a life dedicated to helping others. Here are our five top reasons why you should consider massage therapy as your own business.

5 Reasons Why Massage Therapy Is The Best Business

Pick Your Location

Get a portable massage chair and you can go anywhere! Set up at a kiosk in the mall, travel to senior citizen centers, go onsite to corporate events, or visit your clientele at their homes. Depending on your goals and how visible you want to be seen will dictate which option is your best. High traffic exposure and set hours would come with that kiosk in the mall. Better paying clients and flexible hours can be attained with relationships with individuals and corporations. Senior citizen centers could be a form of giving back to the community and strengthening your reputation. Eventually, you can move into your own stable environment if you wish. You set the hours and your clientele come to you.

Make A Difference

There are tons of benefits that come with a massage and by choosing this field, you can do a lot to help others. A few benefits include; weight loss, ease anxiety, some injuries, and headaches. With the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives, people willing to massage others is highly needed. We all suffer the effects of our daily lives and most of us don’t take the time to take care of our bodies. Having someone to help us deal with that are going to be cherished.

Easy To Start

Jump-starting a new career in massage is relatively easy.  Each state has different requirements for licensing but it’s often shorter than a college degree and substantially more affordable. Finding work is also very easy. Word of mouth and networking as much as possible will get you clients quickly. A chair and business cards will be all you need. Most other businesses require a large investment and you won’t need nearly as much.

You Can Stay Active

More and more jobs these days are becoming sedentary and having a negative impact on our lives. Just as much as you want to promote mental and physical health, you need to model that health to your clientele. Fortunately, massage therapy will keep you on your feet and active. It takes quite a bit of physical exertion to perform and if you are traveling, you will be walking and carrying a chair where ever you go.

Job Security

This is one of those professional fields that will always be in demand. Even if you think your market is too saturated in your community, you can still grow this business. Corporations shut down, small businesses close, and many employees are suddenly left wondering what to do next to keep themselves financially okay. The massage therapist doesn’t have to worry about that sudden shock of unemployment. Their business closes when they decide to close it.

People with big hearts can turn their passions into a money-making experience. Gone are the days of working in a traditional setting when you don’t want to. Now is a great time to think outside the box and follow your dreams!


  1. I do feel that way too! I like giving my closed ones a massage whenever they feel tired. And I like to get massaged at the nearest spa too 😀

  2. Getting a therapeutic massage sounds really good to me right now. I have only had two in my life, but they were both enjoyable. I probably would have gotten more massages, but in real life I am debilitatingly shy and have a hard time calling anyone on the phone, even though I know I would feel better afterwards.
    I’m sure massage would be an excellent business to be in during ‘the ‘season’ (Memorial Day through Labour Day) near where I live.

  3. I recently had the best massage and it managed to really help my posture. I would imagine it is a great job Lucy x

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