A few weeks ago I joined the newest social media app, Vero, after seeing all the hype on Twitter and Instagram. I wanted to see…



A few weeks ago I joined the newest social media app, Vero, after seeing all the hype on Twitter and Instagram. I wanted to see what all the hubbub was about. It was a bit of a pain at first. With so many people trying to sign up to avoid the future subscription fee, it took a while and the app was slow and clunky to use.

These problems seem to have been fixed now. Waahoo!

Vero lets you share photos, videos, links, music, what you’re watching, books and places all in the same place. For me, this makes it a bit of a hub for sharing everything.


The new app is the answer to your prayers if you’re fed up of Instagram not showing photos from everyone you follow. It shows things in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Halleluiah.

There’s also no adverts – another huge bonus. The downside – they will be charging users a fee instead. Can’t seem to find anywhere what this fee will be. I’m not convinced people will be willing to pay, though! Initially, they said the first million users won’t have to pay the subscription. They later increased this due to popular demand.

I basically share my blog posts and Instagram posts on the app. It doesn’t take long to do. Just cut and paste exactly what I post to Instagram, easy. Inserting a link automatically pulls up all images so you can select your favourite one for the main image.

With the ability to add people as a Close Friend, Friend, Acquaintance or Follower, you can pick and choose what you share with who – similar to settings on Facebook. This means you could share more personal content – such as photos or videos of your family to your close friends without having to worry about them being public.

You can also listen to snippets of songs and buy them in iTunes or view trailers for shows and films people share.

There are also options for some accounts to become a Merchant so you can sell things directly from Vero.

I’ve been using the app for a few weeks now and it seems like most of the hype has died down.

This makes me a bit sad, in all honesty. I love how you can share different things on there and link blog posts: this is something Instagram really lacks! Unless you have 10k followers of course and can get people to swipe up in stories.

I’m going to continue to use the app as it’s pretty much just a copy of what I’m already putting out there and hope others start using it more too.

If you have a Vero account, feel free to follow me. My username is skinnedcartree, of course!

Do you use it?


  1. I actually never bothered downloading the app. Is it better then Instagram and will it ever be more popular?


  2. I don’t believe they were ever planning to charge it, sounds like a publicity stunt to me, a way of making that first million users sign up for it as quickly as possible… All social media platform (facebook, Instagram etc.) make tons on money on the platform itself, by selling information about their users to various companies- so whenever they say they’re going to charge it, they’re probably making that up. There is no such thing as a free lunch, and no social platform is really free, they all make money on us (its users) in different ways.

    Vero sounds like a good app, I might be willing to give it a try, but it is hard keeping with various account, I’ll rather think about it then start something I’m not sure I can commit to.

  3. The hype for Vero seemed to last all of about 2 days on twitter, I didn’t bother with it because it’s enough to manage Twitter, insta and Pinterest but if it gets bigger then obvz I would join it! Great post, nice to hear a bit more about what it actually is!

  4. i’ve not signed up, i just don’t think i can deal with yet another social media platform, haha! although having everything in one place would be good. xx

  5. I hate anything with hype so didn’t sign up but based on your review and thoughts I will take a look. Thanks for sharing Lucy x

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