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Out Of The Gym And Into The Wild! Alternate Ways To Get Fit

We all get very bored of the gym from time to time, and we all have that problem where we get stuck into an exercise…


We all get very bored of the gym from time to time, and we all have that problem where we get stuck into an exercise routine that we think is doing us wonders, but in fact, it’s not benefiting us the way it used to. The biggest thing that we should all know when it comes to exercise, is that we need to shake up our routine every 4 to 6 weeks. Your muscles get used to certain habits, and so, if you think you’re doing yourself a favour by going to the gym 3 times a week, you are very much mistaken! So, what ways are there to get fit and shake up your exercise routine?

Out Of The Gym And Into The Wild! Alternate Ways To Get Fit

Obstacle Courses

You can’t escape from the endurance feats and competitions that aim to get you covered in mud and fighting fit! You just have to look at, and its popularity to see much devotion it inspires. The great thing about these competitions is that it’s not just about fighting through on the day, but you’ve got to build up and get a certain base level of fitness, and this might not be where you are at. So, look to get your cardio up, but improve your physical fitness before you hit these obstacle courses, and it gives you a goal to aim for. The problem when we get caught up in our typical exercise routines is that we just lose track of any sort of aim, and just look to maintain.


All the sports! Sure, workouts are fine, but it can get particularly dull when it’s just you, a barbell, and that same radio playlist over and over again. If you don’t know where to start, there are various websites you can look at to give you some ideas of the sports available in your community, you can view to see the best 5 a side football games in your immediate area. If you could pick a sport that you haven’t done for a long time, or one you’ve never played, all the better! It’s going to force you to think more laterally in terms of getting fit, but it’s going to be a complete shock to the system each and every time, especially with different opponents. Other options could be going for boxing lessons, which is an extreme workout, especially if you are just used to maintaining your ideal weight and fitness in the gym.

Get Out In The Open

Believe it or not, hiking up a mountain is as physically demanding as a workout session on occasion. If you plan on tackling some rough terrain, it will benefit you to get some practice in first. If your cardio is up to speed, then you can go for it, but beware, mountains in all forms are quite tough to navigate if you don’t know how to do it properly. And besides, those higher altitudes are going to force your legs to work a little bit harder too.

If you are extremely bored with your workout routine in the gym, try these three options and challenge yourself!

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