Get your bedroom ready for Spring

Get your bedroom ready for Spring

Spring is finally here! I forgot what the sun looked like, but there have been a few days this week that it’s been shining and I’m finally beginning to feel hopeful that we might actually get some decent weather.

I love getting into the seasons. I’m not sure what it is, but each season (apart from stupid autumn) fills me with some new sense of self-motivation. It’s almost like a new year, where you’re ready to start afresh. Out with the old, in with the new. Spring is one of my favourite times because the world just looks nicer when the sun is out and the flowers are blossoming.

Being warm, yes. That’s also my favourite part of Spring. No more shivering in your car for 5 minutes before the heating kicks in at 7 am. No more de-icing the windows before you set off. No more wearing socks, 2 pairs of tights, a vest top under your shirt and a cardigan over.

Everything is fresh and light.

I love it.

I think I appreciate it, even more, this year as we’ve had quite the hammering of snow!

Decorating your house to suit the seasons is something I always want to do. It can be quite costly and time-consuming to decorate your house, but you can change some things to suit each season. This way you can get in the spring mood while not spending too much time or money to transform your home.

Here are some reason you can get your bedroom ready for Spring!

Get your bedroom ready for Spring

The part of a bedroom that draws your attention the most when you walk into the room has to be bedding. You can get some great deals on bedding if you know where to look. Light, airy bedding does it for me. Now might also be the time to change your duvet to a thinner tog!

The second thing I always notice in a room is the curtains, it’s another thing that can really change the feel of the room.

Wall decorations are also a good idea. You can get pictures on a canvas at lots of home stores or Amazon for a great price meaning you can switch them out for the season. Also, a mirror can really help to lighten a room and make it seem better.

More subtle decorations you might want to consider are rugs, lamp shades, plants and cushions.

A few simple accessories can change the whole atmosphere of the room!

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