Favourite sweets as a child

Favourite sweets as a child

I’ve always been a bit of a sweet fiend. When I was little, parents used to take me to the shop at the top of the street so I could buy sweets. They had all sorts. Sweets in tubs that you weighed out, penny sweets, lollypops. Well, it seemed like everything back then.

My favourite sweets were and still are:

  • Voice tablets (or granny herbals)
  • Parma violets
  • Double dips
  • Aniseed balls
  • Dolly mixture
  • Shrimps

Favourite sweets as a child

When I see these sweets in the shop I get the urge to buy them as I’m filled with nostalgia! The only exception is the dolly mixture. I think I only liked them because of the name, haha.

Oh, Yorkshire mixture too! I loved the big fish boiled sweets in loads!

What were your favourite sweets as a child?

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