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5 things that make me actually want to read your blog post

I don’t read as many blog posts as I used to these days. This makes me sad. It’s difficult having time for all the things…


5 things that make me actually want to read your blog post

I don’t read as many blog posts as I used to these days. This makes me sad. It’s difficult having time for all the things I want to do in life. So when I do get a spare 30 minutes to read some blogs, I make sure I pick the posts I want to read carefully.

Time is precious, you see.

So here are the 5 things that make me want to read your blog post.

5 things that make me actually want to read your blog post

Our history.

The most important thing is our history. Sounds romantic, right? Thing is, if I love you I’ll probably always want to read your blog.

There are some blogs I’ve read for years and they range in topics, quality of writing, quality of photos, how popular they are… these things don’t matter as much as our relationship.

If we’ve spoken lots, commented on each other’s blogs a lot and had conversations in private with each other I’ll always remember that.

Your authority. 

There is something to be said about having authority in your niche. There is usually a reason for this and it’s usually because you’re knowledgeable, have a way with words or can take killer photos of your outfits. I’ll be more likely to click your blog link if you’ve given me the impression that you’re knowledgeable.

Your social media. 

If I follow you on social media or see lots of people retweeting your posts in my feed, it’s going to get me interested in you.

Like having authority, something that gets shared a lot makes me interested. Seeing your images on Instagram or in stories makes me curious. The more I am exposed to something, the more I grow to like it. So seeing your aesthetic on Instagram translate to my Bloglovin feed could get me to click.

The title. 

OH COURSE THE TITLE. If it sounds interesting, I’ll click.

This could be a title that makes me think I’ll learn something or something that sounds controversial. It might be something I’ve experienced myself so I’m interested in it.

My emotions.

My emotions at the time can have a big impact on what I want to read. If I’m feeling inspired to make my blog better, I’ll be looking for tip posts. If I’m bored with my wardrobe, fashion posts it is.

Obviously, you can’t impact my emotions – but you can use the other 4 things that make me read your blog to ensure I come to you when I’m looking for something specific.

What gets your reading someone’s blog?


  1. I couldn’t agree more with what you say. Having a history with something makes all the difference. Just like in real life, personal attachment means a lot . If we have followed a blogger for a while or chatted with him/her, there is probably going to be an attachment of some kind, something that will make us click their posts even if the posts themselves aren’t something we’re typically or momentarily interested in . Even if that person doesn’t have the time to invest a lot in her/his blog, even if she/he doesn’t use the other social media or is talked about, if we have the connection to the person or her/his writing, we are continue visiting that blog.

    All the other things you listed are very valid points as well. If a person comes across as knowledgeable or if a lot of people are retweeting or visiting their page, one is bound to assume they know what they are talking about. Quality writing is always a catch but killer visual aesthetics help too.

  2. All of these would make me want to read a blog post but I would also add that informational value and good writing are big motivators as well.

  3. It differs so much for me! Sometimes itโ€™s because Iโ€™ve always read the blog, sometimes because I was looking for a specific topic sometimes just because I love the style of photos and sometimes because I want to learn something. Always learn when I read your blog!

  4. I’m such a photo whore. I cannot resit clicking on a pretty picture lol Gotta love posts like this too, read read read!

  5. Relationship plays a big role in the blogs I read, too. When you’ve been commenting on each other’s blogs for years, what they blog about doesn’t matter as much. And, it can be fun to see how interests change over the years ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. It’s the same for me especially on the history part. I will always read a blog which I love and as long as the blogger remains authentic, he/she will always have me as a fan.

  7. This has definitely given me food for thought, I absolutely need to put more effort in to my titles!

  8. History and emotions are big items for me as well. Having commented on each others’ blogs, no matter how long ago, and admiring the other blogger’s taste are huge for me. I feel quite fond of past thoughtful commenters.
    I like to think I’m somewhat of an authority in my niche, but sadly pages and pages of detail I’d written that proved it was lost when my first computer finally died for good, and the pages were to corrupted to retrieve.
    I love the pics you post, and it’s so true, those post titles can really grab some attention.
    Great tips.
    Now if I can just find a stupid-proof low-light camcorder with remote record-pause-resume record and stop that is compatible with YouTube and my Mac..
    OOTDs featuring very pretty and feminine blouses, skirts, ruffles, , tulle, lace and embroidery etc. get me reading almost every time.

  9. Feeling a connection with someone and being interested in their content will always get me revisiting their content. I also enjoy following those who clearly have passion. Great reasons Lucy x

  10. I love blog posts with gorgeous/enviable photos. Blog posts that’ll help me learn something. And blog posts that give me a glimpse into someone else’s life, ‘cos I’m a nosy so-and-so!

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