Valentines Gift Guide for Car Lovers

Valentines Gift Guide for Car Lovers

With Valentine’s day looming, it’s time to start thinking of that perfect gift for your other half. This will be my second Valentine’s day with my boyfriend and I just so happen to be working until 10 pm again. So no romantic meals out for me.

It’s a tad annoying, really, as I don’t usually work Wednesday evenings. But hay-ho. Next year I have it booked off work so things will be much better.

Buying a Valentine’s Day gift is tricky, I think. It’s different than a birthday or Christmas gift. I feel like romantic gestures are much more important on Valentine’s Day – meaning handmade gifts or breakfasts in bed are perfect. I’d personally prefer spending money on a meal out than a gift. Something where you both make a bit of time to just be invested in each other.

Though I do like buying gifts for my boyfriend as it’s just a nice feeling giving somebody something they love.

If your man or women is a car lover, these gifts might be an ideal present. Whether it’s a stand-alone gift or given during a romantic meal for two:

Valentines Gift Guide for Car Lovers

One // Two // Three
Four // Five // Six

With this Ferrari Driving Experience, you can get your other half behind the wheel of one of the most iconic supercars in history.

Most car fans will probably be a fan of The Grand Tour. The show that puts cars to the test all around the world. It’s much more of a witty comic book thank a tour guide that you might take with you around the world to help you get by. Coffee table reading for sure.

With this winter being the worst winter ever. Probably. You might want to treat your love to the gift or heated seats on a cold morning. Simply plug it into the car’s cigarette lighter to get that heated seat feeling!

Car steering wheel cufflinks – they might be gimmicky and not what your other half will wear to the office, but they’re adorable.

Okay, so these car mat placemats may not be something you want on your home, but if your bae has a man cave (woman cave!) or works in the garage a lot – these will be perfect.

Though this only goes up to the year 2000, this 50 cars that changed the world is a great book for any car enthusiast.

Have you got your Valentines Day gift sorted?

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