Updating your house on a budget

Updating your house on a budget

“Mum! The wallpapers peeling off the wall!” How many times have we heard that cry from another room? Updating our homes and keeping on top of the DIY isn’t easy when you’re raising a family. And it’s not just the aesthetics of the rooms that get neglected. Our furniture also takes a bashing as the years go by!

Updating our homes is usually an expense we can’t deal with right now, which means us putting off until we win the lottery! But did you know that you don’t have to break the bank in order to update your home? It’s true! Take a look at these simple, cost-effective ideas that’ll refresh and breathe new life into your home.

Updating your house on a budget

Ex-show home furniture

Has your sofa seen better days? Whether it’s holes in the fabric or scratches on the leather, the middle is a bit saggy or the colour has faded over time, a sad looking sofa is enough to turn everyone off the living room. But did you know, you can purchase ex-show home furniture at a reduce price? That’s right! Firms like Emblem Furniture specialise in high quality items such as sofas, mirrors, coffee tables and dining sets that are easily accessible and available at a friendly price. It’s a great way to refurnish your home or invest in a few statement pieces.

Your front door

Does your front door look a little shabby? Why not give it a lick of paint to freshen it up? Or give it a new lease of life with a bright, jazzy colour? Try hanging a few hanging baskets to add a little natural colour. A new doormat or even doorknocker will make guests feel even more welcome when they cross the threshold.


Now is the time to bin those old lampshades. Having a dark, dingy room makes it difficult to get anything done in there, as well as giving a room a miserable feel. Illuminate the issue with some new lighting. We’re not talking extravagant chandeliers or anything, just some light, bright light fixtures or even wall sconces to brighten up the room will also lift your mood.

Kitchen facelift

We’d all love a new kitchen, but we don’t all love the price tag that comes with it. So, why not compromise? If your kitchen is in good condition but is looking a little tired, then give it a facelift but painting the cabinets. Freshening up your kitchen will breathe new life into it, making the heart of your home beat again!

Fresh blues or even a daring post box red will make your kitchen burst with colour and personality. Or if painting isn’t your thing, then why not update your cabinets by changing the door handles and knobs?  This will help your kitchen look and feel brand new, as well as potentially add value to your property!

Remember; don’t ever let a tight budget hold you back! There will always be a more frugal alternative to creating the home of your dreams!

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