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Things I won’t share online.

As a blogger, I often have to think about what I share with my audience. It’s not just bloggers that have to think about this,…


Things I won't share online.

As a blogger, I often have to think about what I share with my audience. It’s not just bloggers that have to think about this, in a world where we are all on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, you might find it useful to set yourself some rules about what you put on social media and what you keep to yourself.

But I’m being authentic!

No. I hate this argument for sharing everything and anything online. We’ve been brainwashed into thinking social media is fake so we need to bare everything to show how real we are. How it’s harmful to people to just show the sunshine and rainbows without the raw, nitty gritty.

I disagree.

Firstly, people aren’t idiots. We don’t think your hair is always perfect and your house is always tidy. That’s impossible.

Secondly, you don’t walk down the street telling everyone your problems. You don’t reply to daily ‘how are you?’ questions from your colleagues with a list of your life troubles. Right? You reserve these conversations for friends and family.

If you make the choice to share personal things, then that is your choice – but remember that you never know who is reading. People in your real life, your boss, friends, ex-boyfriends, aunts, complete strangers.

You might share something personal to share something you’ve learned or overcome in your life in order to raise awareness or give other people motivation and hope. Again, that is your choice but please do remember anyone could be reading and ask yourself if you are okay with that.

So here are some of the things I won’t share online.


Whether with a friend, family member or partner – do not post about arguments online. It might be tempting to release some steam by opening up your twitter app on your phone and having a massive rant about how much a bitch Sue is.

It only takes one person to screenshot it and send it to her and you can open a whole can of worms. Not only that, but you can really damage your personal integrity.

Negativity about work.

This is where things can get a bit more serious than just damaging your personal integrity – many companies have social media policies that can see you landed in a disciplinary meeting. This means talking about colleagues or about work itself.

As a general rule, I don’t talk about work at all. Other than things like I have a week off or day off.

Bad days.

Whatever my reason is for having a bad day, I’ll talk to my friends or boyfriend about it rather than talk about it on Facebook, here or Twitter. A picture of a glass of wine with a caption saying ‘well deserved after a hard day!’ is something I see as acceptable, but going into detail and getting graphics is just a bit.. embarrassing. I think.

My sex life.

I have a boyfriend and we live together. That’s about as much to do with my sex life that anyone is going to read on my blog or social media. I know many people believe that we should be more open about things and not feel embarrassed – but here’s the thing. I am not embarrassed. I believe there are some things that should be kept between you and your partner out of respect.

So there’s are my rules about what I will and will not share online. What are yours?


    1. I agree too, I have had a very hard time over the last 10 months but I have shared it because a lot of it is mental health related. I believe we should be able to talk about our difficulties as there is too much stigma. We’ve come a long way as a society but we could still improve. That’s my reason for sharing what’s going on in my life and what’s right for me may not be for other people.

  1. I agree with everything your wrote. I shared some very personal things on my blog, for example my health issues, but only because I wanted to bring more awareness to that subject, not to moan or rant about it.

    Sharing things we are not comfortable with is never ever a good idea. It only makes us feel bad and emotionally exhausted afterwards. It is crucial that we are comfortable with what we are sharing.

    I totally agree about the sex life thing. I’m not shy to talk about, I just don’t see/feel the need to do it and I don’t particularly enjoy listening about it. Like with everything, it is important to know ourselves and to know we don’t have to do something just because everyone else is doing it.

    Today we are indeed often under pressure to share every private part of our life to prove we are authentic, which is ridiculous because the technology is already intruding in our private lives in ways we can’t control. So, we should feel justified in keeping at least a small part of our lives private.

  2. I’m the same as you, I’d never talk about where I work other than maybe what I do for a living but even then I’m pretty vague. I DEFINITELY wouldn’t talk about arguments or have a twitter argument for all of my followers to see, nowadays I try to stay away from the dramz xx

  3. Excellent and couldn’t agree more with all these points. People are not idiots as you say. Those that take the time to read (anything) will be able to discern for themselves if someone is authentic or not and therefore continuing with or not. Love this. Thanks Corinne! Happy Monday.Rachel xx

  4. I agree with what you’ve written.

    I think I am a bit more open than most but I am very wary of who sees my content. My general rule of thumb is that if I can post it and I’d:

    a) Say it to their face
    b) Not be embarrassed if my parents/work/law enforcement read it back to me
    c) Know 100% it wasn’t going to get me in trouble/danger

    then I post it.

    Working in the health service, I have to be careful what I post and I have fairly high up members of the trust I work for following me so I am conscious of everything I post. So when it comes to work, I love sharing the bare bones of what I do (mainly because science is great) and educating people on what we do (within reasonable limits) and do have the odd moan that’s usually swung in a jokey way that won’t get me into trouble.
    For example, a good moan about doctors handwriting gets a laugh out of us all.

    Family issues I don’t post and as for my sex life? No way. Yes, we should be open etc etc but some things are sacred!!

    Melanie-Jessica ||

  5. Totally agree about the sex thing – I’ll happily talk about it with my friends but people from work read my blog (as goes my Grandma!) so some things are just off limits!
    Amy xx

  6. I completley agree – there are some things that I just don’t want to put out there for anyone to see. My main rule is, if it’s only about me, then I’m a very open book: I’ll talk about Depression, Anxiety, not knowing what I’m doing with my life, you name it. But if it concerns other people, like family or friends or even ex boyfriends, my lips are sealed. I think that works for me because I’m the only one who signed up to blogging, not them.

  7. I don’t talk about my work either. I used to, years ago, but I have learned over the years that it’s not the best idea. Plus a lot of people in real life, including colleagues, now know I blog and, while I don’t advertise this to them, if they came across it I wouldn’t want them to be reading about me talking about my job.

  8. This is me pretty much. I can’t seem to share too much about my personal life online at all, I’m just more private by nature. I know some people do share their struggles and feel comfortable doing so, and I totally admire that but I’ve always said the same thing- never know who is reading! I know for a fact there are people I know stopping by my blog and there are definitely limits as to what I want them to know about me aside from the fact that I like makeup lol. Just the fact that so many know I have a beauty blog is enough for me! X Jen

  9. I totally agree. I’m a teacher, so I know that at some point, the kids will find and read my blog. I want to be sure that there is NOTHING I would be embarrassed by if they found it.

  10. Totally agree with these. I do have a generic gripe on twitter, but nothing that would incriminate me with work. It’s more – ‘crikey we’re all boiling in here. building heating is nuts today’, rather than explicit about work. But really personal stuff or deep feelings about family nope. Because while I have a family lifestyle blog, parents from school and family read it, and I don’t want my son to be embarrassed. He’s already refused photos on the blog, but I still don’t want him to read things back that could be embarrassing in years to come.

  11. Love this post. Really made me think about what I share. Sometimes I really think things come to you when you need them the most. I’ve had several incidences this week/month were people in my “real life” or close life have asked me about things I post on social media, i was set back a bit as I didn’t realise they read it or watched it. A few times I felt uncomfortable and annoyed they totally misunderstood what I was trying to say. Instead of having the protection of a screen I had to justify myself in person. I found it challenging. This post is defiantly one to think about.

  12. YES to everything you said! Privacy is still a viable concept even n the age of social media and the “look what I am doing right this second” era. You can blog and be honest and genuine without giving up every private aspect of your life.

  13. I agree with all of these. I’d never share this online either. Like you said, talk to friends or family there is no need to overshare. Some of my friends on Facebook need to understand this point too.

  14. I am up for full disclosure as long as its a teachable moment. Love how you started this…”you wouldnt walk down the street sharing your problems..” excellent analogy!

  15. I totally agree! I do share certain topics, but I’m careful with what I say about it. If it’s negative I often avoid it completely, as I know it could cause problems. There are also topics I don’t share at all, especially when it’s not just down to me and my partner to decide whether it’s okay to talk about online. We’re definitely pushed to be more “authentic and honest” but that doesn’t always mean to share absolutely anything and everything online!

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