Marketing Tricks That Lead To Leads

You should all know by now that marketing is an essential tool within any business. It’s the thing that brings in new customers and engages…


Marketing Tricks That Lead To Leads

You should all know by now that marketing is an essential tool within any business. It’s the thing that brings in new customers and engages them to ensure they come back again and again. But as technology improves and grows – so do the different options that you have out there. While the platforms may remain the same, the strategy and technique that goes along with it are always changing and getting more advanced. – Which is great, but it means that you are constantly having to learn new things; otherwise, your competitors will be way ahead of you, and you’ll be missing out.

So here are all the new marketing tricks out there to ensure that you are able to create new leads, which will then turn into sales.

Marketing Tricks That Lead To Leads

Gain all the skills that you require

If you find that you lack in certain areas of marketing online. As we go further into the modern world, we are expected to learn with the changes, so you can do this from the comfort of your own home, or even your office when you have free time. There are many courses that you are available to take online, that work around your busy schedule. You can even get your integrated marketing communications masters degree, without even having to go back to school.

Use the power of customer reviews

Whenever a customer isn’t one hundred percent sure about buying a product or service, what is the first thing they look for? – The reviews. This is why they are so important to your business. So when you know that people have been happy with your service – kindly ask them to leave a quick review. That way people get to see other’s honest opinions about what you do, and that in itself convinces others that they too, should shop with you. Even with bad feedback, you can use it to your advantage because people get to see how well you work when a problem arises.

Offer sales and discounts

Giving your customers discounts on certain products will drive your sales, because who doesn’t want discounts on their favourite things? And they work to entice first-time buyers too, because they will be swayed to try something, and then your products or service will speak for itself, and people will keep coming back for more. You can offer discounts by putting out coupons on your website, and categorising them under slogans like “Hot Deals”. This will bound to get you exposure, and your sales will be booming.

Get on social media

If you don’t already have a business account set up on social media, then you need to get one now. The most important thing is that you’re active and you post the right content. Having said that you don’t want to spam people with tons of oversharing information either. Make your posts exciting with enough information that grabs people, but not too much because you want them left wanting more. So focus on your audience and figure out exactly what they like, and who they follow – then you can work yourself around your target audience.


  1. With a blog the techniques are slightly different in that you have to be proactive highlight collaborations and how you can work together. If the ask is genuine generally they will be willing to collaborate Lucy x

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