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Let’s Get Crafty: Making Things Is Fun

It is fun to make things. You can make items for a number of reasons, you might have a specific use in mind, or you…


Let's Get Crafty: Making Things Is Fun

It is fun to make things. You can make items for a number of reasons, you might have a specific use in mind, or you might just enjoy the process. Whatever your reason, here are some ways that you can get crafty.

Let's Get Crafty: Making Things Is Fun


You can make a lot of really interesting things with paper. You can go down the origami route and create fantastic paper figures, or you can decorate paper to create cards and other things. There are plenty of creative and crafty options available to you if you want to do something paper related. There are lots of online resources with free origami advice and instruction if you want to get started with that. If you want to make other types of papercraft, then there are equally as many online resources with ideas on what you could make. You might want to make some masks with your kids or perhaps some paper bunting with them. Most papercraft ideas are easy to do and require very few additional resources, so you can likely do them with the items that you already have. This means that you can do something on a whim and that you do not need to plan ahead and prepare. Almost all papercraft is fun to do with kids as well. However, make sure that any overly complex origami is left alone.


When it comes to being crafty and making things, you can’t go wrong with painting. You don’t need to be able to paint a masterpiece or accurately recreate the thing you are painting. Instead, you can let your inner artist out and paint things in the way that works for you. This might end up looking like an abstraction or interpretation. Painting is a personal thing that helps to reflect the person doing the painting, and it should be the same for you. This means that you can paint because you enjoy doing it rather than for some grander purpose. All of the greatest painters in history painted because they loved to do it rather than for some further purpose. The point is that you are doing it and that you are enjoying it, not whether the painting itself is ‘technically’ good. If you want to paint, enjoy painting or think you might enjoy painting, then you should give it a go. You can use all kinds of things to paint with; you don’t need to be limited to just paint brushes. You can use your hands, get some sponge or foam cut to size or even try household objects. Each of these can produce an interesting and unique pattern or style of painting.


Drawing is like the companion of painting. You should do it because you enjoy doing it. There is a satisfaction in working on a drawing that cannot be replicated. You don’t ever need to show anyone or try to accurately recreate the object of your drawing. Much like painting, it can be your interpretation, and you should focus on enjoying the experience of drawing rather than reaching the final result. This means that you will enjoy your time drawing far more than you would otherwise. You can draw whatever you want, and the more time you spend drawing, the better you will get at it. All you need to get started is a pencil and some paper. You might also want to have an idea of what you want to draw, but you can just let it come naturally if nothing immediately comes to mind. You can do other kinds of drawing such as ones that include colours and pens, but if you don’t have these, then you can be happy with a pencil.


You can buy clay from most hobby stores and then you can shape and mould it however you wish. The clay that you can buy is often the type that will dry hard, and that doesn’t need to go into a kiln. This kind of thing is a great idea for kids as it means that they can easily shape the clay into something that they like and afterwards you can paint the clay. You need to make sure that you do not work too slowly though as if you do, then the clay might start to dry out. It can be a lot of fun, and you can make something that you might keep for years and become a really special memento. If you haven’t tried doing some clay work, then this could be a good start. However, you might also want to do some actual clay work. This will mean having a clay wheel or visiting somewhere that does. However, you can mould the clay and be instructed on the techniques of clay making. This can be great, and you can make professional looking pottery. This can again be painted and decorated in the way that you like. However, this is more for adults than kids.

Salt Dough

Salt dough is a great idea for small children. You can make salt dough with nothing more than salt, flour, and water. You need to mix the three together, and you will get a salt dough. This becomes extremely malleable and is a bit like clay. However, it can dry, and if you have small children it won’t be a massive issue if they put a bit of it in their mouths – it won’t taste good so they likely won’t do it twice. However, this can be a great way to get creative and crafty with young children. You can make great things that once they are dry you can paint with your kids as well. They can be great ornaments and can be excellent memories of spending time with your young children. Salt dough is so easy to make that it is always worth a try even if your young child isn’t interested in making anything. However, they might enjoy just playing with the salt dough and the feel of it. This means that it won’t be a wasted time spending time using a salt dough with them.


Wool can be used in both knitting and crochet. Both of these are great skills to have. They mean that you can make excellent home made items for you and your family. You can make hats and gloves for the winter months. You can make coasters for your drinks or even make somebody a sweater. There are not many limitations as to what you can make with either knitting or crochet. There are also lots of online resources with plenty of free patterns and tutorials to get you started and teach you the basics as well as some of the more advanced techniques. This means that it can be a great thing to learn. Knitting and crochet are both excellent creative and crafty activities to do while watching TV. Once you know what you are doing, you can almost work without thinking. This is great for people who like to have busy hands. It is far more productive than just fiddling with something or checking your phone. You get to have a finished product by the end, and you also won’t miss what is happening on the TV either.


Sewing is similar to knitting and crochet. This is because you will be making actual items that you can use for each project. There are also plenty of online resources on the internet that means that you will never struggle to decide what to make. You can make some incredibly practical and useful items if you know how to sew. You can also fix and repair your clothes as well. If you have a sewing machine, then you can tackle projects far quicker and with more complexity. However, if you don’t, then there are still things that you can make by hand sewing. The only downside is that it will take you a lot longer and requires you to know the different kinds of stitch. Thankfully, there are plenty of online tutorials that you can use to learn all of the necessary techniques. If you haven’t tried sewing yet, then it can be a lot of fun, and you can also make a lot of really useful things.


When talking about decorating, this doesn’t mean things like decorating your house. Instead, this means decorating items that you currently own to make them look nice. The two are similar, but one is on a far grander scale. For example, you might decide to decorate a photo frame by making a mosaic out of buttons all around it. This can create an excellent effect if you have enough buttons. Another great example is decorating an old egg box to make it look like a caterpillar with your kids. This is a lot of fun and when you are done your kids have a fun toy that they can play with for a little while. There are plenty of ways that you can decorate and get crafty with everyday items. You can let yourself be creative and try out ideas that might not work. If they do work, then you can have some truly unique items that really stand out in your home.


  1. I wish I was better at crafting but nothing ever turns out as planned! That being said, it doesn’t sopt me giving it a go! I’m loving anything that takes me offline at the minute, and the dream craft would be to master sewing my own dresses!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  2. I love doing crafts but finding the time is almost impossible. Maybe doing salt dough and similar activities with Noah is the way to go Lucy x

  3. I love getting crafty – knitting is something I really want to get back into as I used to do it quite a bit!
    Amy xx

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