Different Ways to Use a Side Table Around the House

Different Ways to Use a Side Table Around the House

Side tables are one of those furniture pieces that are required in almost every room, yet often serve a host of different purposes throughout the house. They’re also a great way to inject some character and style into the room, making the most of some white space that needed filling. Many people struggle to find the right purpose for their side table, and they’re often left to sit and gather dust, but with these useful tips you’ll be able to really make the most of the side table in every room of the house.

Different Ways to Use a Side Table Around the House

Night Stands

One of the most popular uses for a side table in the home is a night stand. Everyone has a night stand of some sort, whether that’s a larger side table with drawers and shelving, or a single unit with one surface to simply hold a lamp and glass of water. It’s a really easy yet effective use for this furniture piece, making bedtime a much smoother process. Having a table close to your bed simply gives you a space to keep your phone, a good book and even some night cream, just simple things that are beneficial to have close by through the night.

Reading Stand

Dependant on the size of your side table, you can transform the space into a little reading area. Positioning a stylish oak lamp table in the corner of a room, accompanied by a bold chair is the perfect set up for a peaceful reading cove. Whether you use the side table to position a reading lamp and a selection of your favourite books, or it simply provides you with a place to hold your drink and snacks, it will instantly add character to the room and bring the room to life.

Appliance Space

From a space to hold the iron in the utility room, to using it for your favourite coffee machine in your office, side tables can be used to hold a number of appliances. Sometimes it’s not quite necessary to have a huge table or sideboard to hold your appliances, and you simply require something small yet sturdy to help you. Side tables are ideal for giving smaller appliances a durable home where they’re easily accessible and still looking stylish at the same time.

Plant Stands

Introducing plants into your home is a hugely beneficial thing to do. The moment you add a houseplant to your house you are bringing a fresh, vibrant feel that helps with a number of health issues. Houseplants can help with asthma, whilst also keeping your dust levels low. Using a small lamp table or side table to position a beautiful houseplant will really help you to bring a touch of nature to your interiors and make your décor pop. Filling your home with a wonderfully fresh scent, adding a touch of personality and also finishing off the room perfectly.

Pet Areas

It’s often difficult to have a warm and welcoming space for your pet, without making the whole rooms atmosphere and style change. From dog beds to cat scratching posts, it’s never easy to know where to position them in the home. By adding a side table to your living areas, you can create a special area for your pet to enjoy, with their bed and toys, along with a small bowl for water or food positioned underneath the table. You can then use the top of the table to place the cats bed, or to keep your selection of dog toys of grooming items, with everything all in one place!

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