Creating your dream garden

I love the idea of having a lovely garden to spend those warm summer evenings in drinking wine with my friends and family. I also…


Creating your dream garden

I love the idea of having a lovely garden to spend those warm summer evenings in drinking wine with my friends and family. I also love the idea of having warm summer evenings, as we’ve been going through winter for about 3 years now, I’m starting to forget what the sun even looks like. I think because we have such crap weather, it seems a bit pointless to spend time and money on a garden that you might get to use once a year if you’re lucky.

There are some features I’d love my own garden to have though. At the moment it’s concrete/brick. That’s alright because it’s dead easy to maintain. But in the future, I would like something a little prettier.

Creating your dream garden

Grow your own.

I love the idea of having a little vegetable patch and growing herbs and spices. Carrots, potatoes, cucumbers. Even an apple tree if we had space. We eat lots of fruit and vegetables so it would save us lots of money. As well as having that feeling that this is homegrown.

A water feature.

My aunt and uncle have always had a pond and I’ve always been jealous. It’s a big pond. They’ve got fish in it and they’ve grown to be real big fish. They have a little feature that trickles water down and it makes such a lovely, peaceful sound. They’ve had to cover it with mesh to stop the fish from being taken by birds though! This also makes it a bit more child-friendly as I have many cousins and they have even more children.

Add a bit of heat.

A source of heat is much needed in our country! It doesn’t matter if you’ve had a day that’s hot by British standards, it still gets chilly in the evening. Fire pits and chimeneas are a must if you want to enjoy summer evenings in comfort.

Creating your dream garden

Chair swing.

Swings aren’t just for kids, look on the outdoor living or garden furniture section of any home website to find chair swings or hanging chairs for adults. You can get three seaters, two seaters or even single ones. Great for hanging out in the garden.

An easy to maintain lawn.

Fake grass seems like an ideal solution for me, someone who doesn’t want to spend those precious few hours of decent weather mowing the lawn and tidying up the mess. It’s easy to maintain and can be rinsed with a garden hose, won’t fade in the sun and means you can have a great looking lawn all year round.

What features do you want in your dream garden?


  1. I want to fill it with wild flowers that attract bees and butterflies. How magical would that be on a summers day? I’ve seen these ‘seed bombs’ you can buy that you simply just scatter in your borders and let nature take it’s course. Having my own n hand supply of fresh cut flowers would also be a dream!

    I would love to have one of those ‘city beehives’, producing my own honey and helping to save the lil bees too. And maybe a chicken or two. Totally going for a surburban farm vibe!

    Sarah 🙂

  2. My dream garden would be an organic vegetable and herb garden. It’s really too bad i have a black thumb ;p

  3. We want to properly sort our garden out this year, it’s just so big and so much maintaining to do – half the time we let it slip… Oops!

    We thankfully already have some of my dream features from what the old owners left – like the summer house. But I would love to have a fire pit somewhere, an area for a BBQ, a place to grow herbs, fruit and veg, and if I could – a jacuzzi/hot tub <3

    Katie x

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