6 dresses from ASOS I must have

6 dresses from ASOS I must have

When I’m online and have a bit of spare time, I often find myself driting over to ASOS and their extensive dress section.

I had a gift card that I got for Christmas and needed to spend it. So I went over there last week to narrow down some dresses.

I ended up with these 6 and bought two. The only thing to do now is to wait and hope they’re good quality. I bought some dresses a few weeks ago and had to send two of the three back because they were poorly made. One had one of those cheap side zips and don’t zip up and the other had buttons down the front which were too small for the button holes so it kept coming undone.

Not good. Let’s hope and pray the two I picked are alright!

6 dresses from ASOS I must have

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