5 ways to annoy bloggers when you email them.

Us bloggers can be a right sensitive bunch of so-and-so’s. I kind of feel for those that work in blogger outreach as you don’t know…


5 ways to annoy bloggers when you email them.

Us bloggers can be a right sensitive bunch of so-and-so’s. I kind of feel for those that work in blogger outreach as you don’t know when someone is going to get offended by something and post it all over twitter. Amirite?

As we communicate via email mostly it’s imported to get the etiquette right. I’ve spoken before about how to work with PRs (wow, that post IS OLDDDD!) so I thought it might be interesting to write a post from the other side.

How to annoy a blogger when you’re emailing them to work together:

5 ways to annoy bloggers when you email them.

Send them a blanket email.

If your email starts with ‘Hi Dear’ or is clearly aimed at lots of people, I’m just going to bin it.

If you are going to send out an email to lots of people at the same time, at least be honest about it.

Maybe you are trying to find some bloggers to work on a new campaign but want to gauge interest first, just make that clear in the email.

‘Hi everyone,

We are working a new product for spring wardrobes and looking for some bloggers to work with, would anyone be interested in this?’


‘Hi Dear,
This is Blanket Emailer, a fashion womens clothing online store, we have seen your wonderful blog, it is very beautiful. Are you interested in cooperating with us about post and banner? We will pay you via paypal, how about that? If you are willing to cooperate, please reply me quickly, I will send you the details.
Waiting for your reply, have a good day!
Blanket Emailer’

See the difference?

(The second email is a real email btw.)

Send press releases aimed at publications.

I hate press releases with a passion. Why on earth have you put me on your list? Did I give you permission? NO. SO DON’T EMAIL ME.

It’s even worse when they say samples are available and when you request them, they say they can only send stock for editorial content.

Why email me then?

Ask how much they charge, then offer to underpay.

I get there are budgets, but sometimes I wish an email would start with ‘we have a budget of £30 for this’ rather than ask us what we charge and come back with a figure of more than half.

I understand you’re trying to get the best price for your client, but if you have a budget under £50 I think you should at least say in your original email. Because I don’t know any blogger that is going to say they charge under £75 per sponsored post.

There are a few companies I work with that have low budgets and I do it because they are upfront and give me regular work.

Email 3 times a day for a review post.

I’m always very honest about when I can review a product for a blog if I’ve said It’ll be live by Friday the 13th, then it will be live by Friday the 13th.

What really bothers me is getting bombarded for updates.

If you need me to update you when I’ve got the product, just ask.

If you have a deadline that you need me to adhere to, just ask.

Sort out all these details before you send the product to me. Don’t send it and then start telling me you need the post up urgently.

Send vague briefs then ask for edits.

I guess this is similar to the above. If you are asking me to write a sponsored post and have guidelines you want me to follow – just tell me before I write it.

There is nothing worse than writing a post and sending it over for approval than being told parts need to be re-written, the word count isn’t enough or you want something more specifically mentioning.

As someone who works full time, works out 6 times a week and leaves evenings free to spend time with my boyfriend, I’m probably not going to be able to put edits in place for a few days.

Clear briefs are the best so I can get it right the first time!


  1. Haha yeah I hate those hi dear bloody emails visit my blog and do your research. Also hate when they ask how much you charge because to be honest many of us don’t know what we should be charging for sponsored content.

    Candice | beautycandyloves.co.za

  2. YES YES YES!! I also HATE when people email me a generic email, then get arsey when I don’t respond with follow up emails like “Did you get my email? I would love to pay you £5 for a post” or worse, offer a “we may share your content on our social channels” as a form of payment. And most of the time they have less followers than me. GO AWAY. SO annoying lol

    Erin || MakeErinOver

  3. MOST annoying emails ever are the ones who clearly haven’t looked at your Pr/Contact page were you quite clearly stipulate you do not accept pre-written content but STILL waste time emailing you asking you to accept it! The same person has emailed be 5 times now :/

    Sarah 🙂

  4. Oh gawd, I couldn’t agree more with these! The one that really gets on my tits is asking for a quote and fees and then offer 1/10 of it and give 100 links and terms and conditions for $5. Seriously, just fuck off already.

  5. Yes, yes, yes!
    I always get emails inviting me to amazing events in London….I would love to go but it’s a bit far for me to travel. If they even read my blog name they would realise this! Grr! I would say they were just blanket emails sent to everyone but I’ve had some which have mentioned recent blog post’s I’ve written. I’m about as far away from London in England as you can get.

  6. I loved reading this post! I definitely could relate. I too can’t stand when a brand sends you the product then starts adding details to the arrangement and bombard you to post it quickly and then say can you add this link, or that link. Like seriously I feel like they think if they send us the product than start pressuring us, there’s “no way out for us” and we’ll just start doing what they want. They need to be upfront straight away.

  7. I really don’t like the blanket e-mails. It’s clear they haven’t even looked at my blog when they say they love it.. they haven’t even bothered to get my name from the “about me” section. I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one to think some of these things.

  8. That’s a real email?! Wow. I’ve had a few like that, they get binned straight away. It can be really frustrating being a blogger and being approached by PR firms. They’re so often cheeky, trying to offer you less. Thanks for sharing this post – it made me chuckle, and nod my head in agreement!

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