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5 good habits to help you blog’s traffic

Use long tail keywords. Keywords are important to get your blog seen by others. It’s one of the factors search engines look at when deciding…


5 good habits to help you blog's traffic

Use long tail keywords.

Keywords are important to get your blog seen by others. It’s one of the factors search engines look at when deciding to put your post on the first page of Google or the last.

The thing is, with that many websites fighting over the top keywords, smaller sites like blogs often get overlooked. We have a slim chance of ranking high for keywords such as ‘lose weight’ or top hotels in New York’, for example.

The best thing you can do for your blog is target long tail keywords – these are phrases or sentences people might search. They’re more specific and if you’re lucky, you could just hit the right keyword.

How to lose weight in your 30’s, for example, will be a much better keyword to target than simply lose weight.

Write more.

Longer blog posts are more favourable in Googles eye so make sure you add more words. Posts longer than 2500 words can really help your growth in traffic but for most bloggers, that length for a blog post is unrealistic.

1000 words is ideal, but at an absolute minimum – make sure your word count is over 300.

Link to others and Tweet them.

Linking to relevant websites and articles is a great way to show Google your blog post is well-researched and credible. What’s even better is a retweet or two by those you’ve linked to – don’t be afraid to Tweet them your link!

Link back to old blog posts.

Linking to relevant old blog posts helps Google create a clearer sitemap of your blog. Not only that – but it also boosts the pages you’ve linked to.

Have scannable content. 

Longer blog posts might be more favourable in Google’s eye – but human eyes prefer shorter posts – this is because we’re impatient and hate reading big blocks of texts.

This means you need to make your post as easy to read as possible. Have headlines, titles, pictures, bullet points and short paragraphs to ensure your readers can find what they want right away.

This, in turn, will help your bounce rate come down.


  1. My blog posts are usually from 300 up I have been.. I personally also don’t like long posts just makes it difficult to read.. Thank you so much for these great tips.

  2. Lovely post! I’m already doing good with the length of the posts (always 300-1500 words), I’ve also started linking a lot to older, still relevant posts. Anyhow, I should definitely become more active with tweeting, I’m really not using Twitter that much. Thanks for sharing your tips and thoughts!

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