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At #blogatthebeach ran by icelolly.com a couple of weeks ago, there were 3 speakers there to give us tips and advice to help us with…


At #blogatthebeach ran by icelolly.com a couple of weeks ago, there were 3 speakers there to give us tips and advice to help us with our blogging goals.

The first speaker was Kirsty Leanne, who gave a talk on how to pitch to brands to gain travel collaborations.

Kirsty gave a lot of great advice, some that I needed reminding of and some that were new. I wanted to talk a bit more in detail about what she spoke about.

More specifically, I found the most useful. So here goes.

Pitching to brands #blogatthebeach

Pitching to brands #blogatthebeach

Why should you pitch?

Pitching gets a bad rep from people. People can often mistake it for begging or pestering. But waiting around for opportunities doesn’t always get you the things you want – you have to go out and get it.

There are many reasons to pitch, even if the pitch doesn’t land you a collaboration, you can still benefit out of it in the long run:

  • Builds confidence
  • Puts you on the brands/PRs radar
  • Gets you working with brands you love
  • Gives you new content
  • Helps you network

Tips for pitching:

  • Create a spreadsheet so you can see who you have contacted in the past – this helps you avoid any embarrassment of messaging the same brand twice.
  • Look for a brands Marketing or PR contact on their website, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google.
  • Ensure you include in your pitch why you love the brand, what you can offer them and why they are a great fit for you.
  • Always include your blog as a clickable link and social media info.
  • Don’t over promise – be realistic what you can offer. Also be honest about any stats you share.
  • Include a media kit.
  • Send links to previous posts to give them an idea of what you can offer.
  • Tell them what makes you unique.
  • You can use GMass for this type of pitching campaign.

Download the full slideshow here.

Pitching to brands #blogatthebeach


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  1. great tips hun! I have not done any pitching yet and I really have to finally put a media kit together xx

  2. These are all really useful tips, thanks for sharing Corinne! I haven’t pitched to many brands, though can definitely see the benefit in doing so, and so this post was super helpful. This event sounds so informative – glad to hear you enjoyed it!


  3. I pitch non stop to PRs with lots of rejections and also no response in 2015. It was disheartening but I kept going at it in hopes that it will at least put me under the PR radar and it worked. These days I don’t pitch anymore and actually rejects 80% of the collabs. I want to post what and when I want. 🙂

  4. I started pitching to brands constantly from a couple of months ago. I knew it would be a necessary thing at some point but I use to think maybe my audience was to small to start doing it. I had very low expectations and I was so amazed by all the opportunities I have received. I was expecting to only hear no. I still receive no and the not so fun ‘no response’ but it comes with part of the territory and I don’t mind it because I know it paves the way for so many opportunities and I am so lucky with every opportunity I have received.

  5. Sounds like a fun event with great tips. Pitching is actually very hard and many see it as trying to gain something for free, which given that the adverse post takes five hours it takes hard work. I know your able to yours mum quicker but you are the exception to the rule. For an event recently I was asked to sign a contract stating I guaranteed a post in two weeks and two posts on each of my social media. Ridiculous Lucy x

  6. This was super useful, thank you for sharing. I didn’t go to the event and I tried to watch the instalive stories to get a bit of info but this has been great as a refresher x

  7. These are amazing tips. The idea of pitching can be daunting to a newcomer so it’s really cool that there is help available.

  8. I’m currently in a business/field that revolves around marketing yourself. These are some great tips for me to try. I will definitely be looking into GMass! Thanks!

  9. Pitching is such an imposing task, but this entire post is a fantastic resource. All the advice and links given here are great.

  10. Keeping a spreadsheet of things in general is something I swear by. Great tips, I feel like some of them are equally applicable to lots of fields!

  11. Great read, you covered all the bases very clearly! I’ve always had trouble presenting myself but I’m overthinking it. If I break it down like this, pitching doesn’t seem so bad! Didnt know about GMASS either, seems incredibly useful

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