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Are your pants right for working out?

I’m sure you put a bit of effort into picking your gym trainers and your workout clothes before hitting the gym, but what about what…


Are your pants right for working out?

I’m sure you put a bit of effort into picking your gym trainers and your workout clothes before hitting the gym, but what about what lies beneath?

While some of us might know about the importance of a sports bra, pants can be another story. I’m sure most of us are guilty of slipping on some of our older, tattier pants before heading to the gym. But you should think again.

Writing the wrong pants can lead to all sorts of problems, including discomfort and even a nasty yeast infection. Yuck. We workout to get healthier, not give ourselves health problems! So it’s important to make sure you’re clued up on which pants to say yay to and which to put back in that knicker drawer.

Are you wearing the right pants?

If you wear underwear the gym that doesn’t breath properly or is too tight, that can cause a breeding ground for bacteria resulting in an infection. This rules out cotton, silk and lace pants – probably the most common type of pants you already own. When you buy underwear, the last thing most people think about is if it’s good for working out, let alone do they consider buying pants specifically for getting your sweat on.

So what you need to think about when it comes to underwear suitable for the gym?

Your first question should be: Are they moisture-wicking?

Fabrics that ‘wick away’ means that they draw moisture away from the body and to the exterior of the material so it can evaporate. Most of these fabrics are made from polyester blends as polyester doesn’t hold as much moisture as say cotton, for example. Some of these fabrics are even chemically treated so moisture won’t soak into them – so just be aware of that if you prefer something more natural.

Also, go for full coverage pants. Stay far away from a thong as the last thing you want is a wedgie while you’re on the spin bike! If you’re uncomfortable, it’s going to distract from your workout.

Seamless material is also a good idea to avoid that visible panty line. Though this is more for your confidence in the gym rather than functional. Some gym kit has built-in pants made of anti-bacterial material to save the hassle of worrying about pants. Of course, you could always go commando as your gym leggings should be moisture wicking, anyway!

Whatever option you go for, make sure you change out of your sweaty pants as soon as possible after your workout to avoid risk of a yeast infection.

Some sports brands have their own line of underwear that’s breathable, seamless and moisture-wicking. You can always update your underwear here.

Have you ever thought about pants when it comes to working out?

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  1. This is something I never gave much thought to but it makes so much sense. I need to make sure all my workout pants meet these specs.

  2. I think that the more comfortable and functional the clothes to train much better, now we have many options and there is no excuse to continue training with the older pants, as you say we want to improve our physique, not to have an infection.

  3. This made me chuckle but you are so right poor pants poor work out. The amount of wedges when working out or ones that don’t breath. They are as important as a good sport bra Lucy x

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