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I’m in need of new clothes. I’ve not bought any for a long time and those that I have bought haven’t been suitable for everyday wear. So when an email landed in my inbox from LOTD (look of the day) asking if I wanted to pick some items and write about them, it was just what I needed.

Look of the day have lots of clothes at great prices. When I say great prices, I mean I was allowed to spend £80 and selected 5 drives, a t-shirt, and a bag.

There were many things to pick from and I wanted clothes I would wear during the day, rather than evening wear. So I went straight to the dress section to see what they had and picked 5 new dresses.

I also picked a t-shirt and a bag.

All items came the next day and I was surprised to find that I love them all. When I buy clothes from ASOS, I always end up sending most back because they don’t fit me right but these all fit fine. Not too short for my 5ft 7 body like most clothes are.

Obviously, the clothes are great value for money, so the quality is not the same as what you would get from a more expensive shop. I would say it’s better quality than Primark and on par with New Look and ASOS. Great if you like a lot of variety in your wardrobe rather than having few staple items that you wear for years. I’m the type of person that will binge wear clothes for a few months and then want new ones, so I’m happy to get many things that are cheaper than a few things that are more expensive and better quality.

I’ve always had this outlook when it comes to clothes as I’m fickle and my tastes change quickly.

This is a website I will look to again when I am wanting to swap some clothes out. I threw away 4 of my older dresses to fit these in my wardrobe! Can’t wait to check out their summer lines for when I go on holiday!

Look of the day haul - my new go to shop Look of the day haul - my new go to shop Look of the day haul - my new go to shop Look of the day haul - my new go to shop Look of the day haul - my new go to shop Look of the day haul - my new go to shop  Look of the day haul - my new go to shop



  1. January 22, 2018 / 9:47 am

    Some great picks love the floral dresses and especially orange bag. It’s really hard to find great things on ASOS so hit and miss. I’ve had some great luck recently with jumpers too x
    Lucy recently posted…De MamielMy Profile

  2. January 24, 2018 / 5:49 pm

    Can’t believe how much you can get for £80! I’ve seen so much LOTD stuff on instagram recently and keep wanting to pick a few things up, definitely seems worth trying at that price! x

    Sophie | Sophar So Good

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