Corinstagram December // Hello 2018

Corinstagram December // Hello 2018

Wow, as if it’s 2018 already. I’m pretty sure I say this every year. Or every month. But time really is going so fast!

December was a mad rush. I was sad about being back from Australia, where I spent most of November. It was a shock to be on a beach in Altona, 35C weather and swimming in the sea on Tuesday to then land in Manchester on Thursday morning and have it snow within an hour of me getting home.

Most of my December was filled with work. I work in retail so it’s the busiest time for us. I also worked out loads. I’ve not got a PT and I’m more motivated than ever. I’ve lost a few lbs this month and hoping for this to continue. You can follow my fitness journey on my fitness blog.

Christmas was quiet, with just me and my boyfriend. We broke the rules and had lamb because nobody really likes turkey.

More about my Christmas in another post…

I’m looking forward to January. Looking forward to improving my fitness, seeing my friends at a blog event next week and hopefully, the lighter evenings still start to filter back in. I’m tired of driving to work in pitch blank and driving home in the same!

I’ve got lots of Australia posts I need to get up, so hopefully, I can work on that this month.

Corinstagram December // Hello 2018 Corinstagram December // Hello 2018 Corinstagram December // Hello 2018 Corinstagram December // Hello 2018

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