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5 steps to planning a blog post

How do you write blog posts? Do you sit down and just get out all out, or are you a planner? If you’re ever struggling…


5 steps to planning a blog post

How do you write blog posts?

Do you sit down and just get out all out, or are you a planner?

If you’re ever struggling to write a post, or you’re wanting to make your blogging a little slicker, then planning your blog posts out might be a great idea for you.

Here are 5 steps to help you plan a blog post.

5 steps to planning a blog post

The Topic

The first step to planning is to figure out what you’re going to blog about.

I generally do this by giving the post a title. This doesn’t have to be the final title – you can edit it at a later date if something else sounds better.

The outline

I then like to plan out the outline of the post. These are the general points I want to include. You might want to do a brainstorm, but I tend to use bullet points.

I find doing this often leads me to more ideas or ideas for different posts.

I also will add any points from any research I’ve done during this time so I don’t have to flick between windows looking while I’m writing.

The structure

The way I like to plan the structure of my blog post is to write the headings first, then the introduction. This gives me a clear plan of where the post is going.

The photos.

Next, I’ll insert the photos into the blog post so they’re ready when I come to write it. I can often have a few posts up to this point – with the ideas photos and structure ready.

Fleshing it out.

I then sit down to write the blog post. With the headings, main ideas and topics in place, I can pretty much do this all in one go.

Then all that’s left is to tie up the ending, proofread and publish!


How do you write blog posts?


  1. I definitely start with topic, pictures and then drafting my thoughts. For some reason my inspiration comes from what sort of pictures I take.

  2. I pretty much follow all these steps as well as use an editorial calendar for my long range planning.

  3. For me the photos always seem to come last, as soon as I get an idea I need to get the bare bones down, or at least the working title to hopefully jog my memory later when it comes time to write! If I could do the writing without the photos I’d probably be a happier blogger haha!

    Sarah 🙂
    Saloca in Wonderland

  4. It varies but generally use notes, create ideas and then flesh out. Pictures always come last. Given the number you write you must have down to an art Lucy x

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