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Working From Home Realities: Two Halves Of Your Whole

Working From Home Realities: Two Halves Of Your Whole

If you work from home, you will be very familiar with how the two sides of your life can cross over one another. On one hand, you’re a businesswoman, running your empire and plotting your future business success. You stand in your home office, sipping a cup of coffee, and feeling like the world is your oyster.

Then you move into the living room, and suddenly, you’re Mum again. You’re a domestic goddess, helping your kids through life and taking care of their every need. You move between the two roles multiple times per day, to the point where the lines begin to blur. You start to do ironing in the office; go through paperwork while sitting on the sofa– it’s inevitable, and there’s nothing wrong with it either.

Working From Home Realities: Two Halves Of Your Whole

The insistence on separation

If you read any guide regarding working from home, they will all say the same thing: Keep things separate. Never shall the two sides of you meet. Maintain separation at all times. The truth, however, is that this is next to impossible to achieve. You can’t ignore the office phone if you’re tidying the bathroom, nor can you dismiss your kids if you’re sitting at your desk running a spreadsheet– the two signs of you are going to blend.

That’s a good thing

If you are so used to the idea that Work You and Mum You should be kept separate, the idea that it’s okay to fuse the two may sound a little odd. However, it’s actually a positive.

If you’re wondering why, then it’s easy to follow: why did you start to work from home in the first place? The vast majority of people will emphasise a desire to be close to their family, to always be available to their kids, to be able to avoid the hours wasted on a commute. What is the point, then, of rigorously separating the two versions of you? You might as well be working in an office.

Evaluate your change in priorities

Of course, your attitude to your home will change when you’re also using it as your office. You have unique requirements so that you can have the space for both halves of you to flourish. There’s no denying this changes your perspective, and will force you to seriously think about your requirements when you’re next redesigning or moving home. You will likely consider outside-the-box options like single storey home designs or even outbuilding conversions; unconventional house plans that actually suit a from-home worker perfectly. No longer will you evaluate a home based on how much you like it as a Mum; Work You will always want to have her say too.

There is also the fact that you’re likely to need escapism at times. Your home can remind you too much of work, but this can also be beneficial– it’s encouragement to get outdoors and explore the world rather than just opting for a night on the sofa.

The reality of working from home

Working from home is a lifestyle choice, and it will impact your everyday life in a number of ways. It will change your priorities for the future of your home. It will mean that, sometimes, you just need to escape– but working from home also gives you access to a sense of freedom that just can’t be denied.

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