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Sort out your bloggers block right now!

Sort out your bloggers block right now!

There’s nothing worse than wanting to sit down and get some blog posts done and then staring at a blank screen.

It happens to all of us.

It happens to the best of us.

It’s frustrating as hell and can be a total motivation drainer.

But here are some things you can do to beat the blogger’s block.

Sort out your bloggers block right now!

Have a change of scenery.

Sometimes being sat in the same place for hours just doesn’t do it for me. If I’m at home and not in the mood to blog, I find myself easily distracted by things around me.

For me, sitting at a desk is much more productive than being sat on the sofa in the living room, so a change of room might be just what you need. But if that’s not working for you – venture out.

Go to a library or a coffee shop that has wifi. If you put yourself into a place where there’s nothing else to do other than sit and write a post, you’ll find yourself more focused on the task.

Also, there’s quite a quaint feeling about being sat in a cute coffee shop typing away.


Sometimes I just hop onto notes and jot down some possible titles from posts. It’s easier if they all related to the same theme, or are spin-offs of previous posts I’ve written.

If I can write down 1o titles, there’s usually at least 5 I want to actually use.

Read new or inspiring blogs.

Have a folder in your favorites for inspiring blogs. If you ever find a blog you want to read but don’t have time right then, stick it in the folder.

Have bloggers block? Now is the time to jump into that folder and grab some motivation and inspiration.

For me, there’s nothing more inspiring than reading the work of those I look up to.

Find blog idea posts.

Lot’s of bloggers write lists of ideas for blog post. Whether they are niche specific or season specific, there are loads out there. Here are a few of mine.

Write a follow-up post.

It’s a great idea to write a follow-up post to one you’ve already written if it’s been well received by your audience. This could be by comments, views or social media reactions. Have a look at some of your most popular posts, read the comments and see if you can create a second part to it – or even better, a series.

Good luck and let me know what sorts out your bloggers block!

1. noun: a female blogger that writes about her own experiences, observations and opinions. 2. verb: to act like a complete idiot or to do something stupid. e.g: She did a Corinne.


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