Revlon Ultimate All In One

I love the shape of Revlon mascaras. They just feel nice in your hands. I’ve tried a few different varieties and the Ultimate All In One is up next.

This mascara is marketed as the holy grail of mascaras which helps you archive:

  • Volume
  • Definition
  • Lift
  • Intense colour

It’s all down to the brush.

The brush is designed to maximise the amount of mascara to your lashes. It’s designed for easy application and to cover every lash for an intense look.

I had high expectations for this mascara and I was rather disappointed. It’s an okay mascara, but it’s so hard to remove and it’s rather clumpy. The wand was smaller than I prefer.

You definitely don’t need to reapply this mascara, that’s the only good thing I can think of!

Revlon Ultimate All In One

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