Preparing To Sell Property? Check You’re Not In Violation

Many of us will go through a time in our lives where we want a change. This change won’t be something small and easy, but…


Preparing To Sell Property? Check You're Not In Violation

Many of us will go through a time in our lives where we want a change. This change won’t be something small and easy, but it will be to pick up your life and shift course. Moving homes is a stressful time because of the layers and layers of responsibility and preparation it takes to perform a smooth transition. You would hope that the property you’re selling isn’t just attractive to many buyers in terms of location, aesthetics and spacious rooms, but also that you’re meeting agreed standards. Selling a home that will put the new occupants in danger, isn’t just a legal offense, but it can mean the serious injury or worse of the innocent people you sold it to. This is why it’s important to not be in a grey area and check that your home’s structural integrity is beyond any doubt, and skin-deep problems are just that, skin deep and not penetrating further. If you take the proper steps to ease your precautions, you can not only add value to the property, but you may be able to obtain certification that you have modernised the home itself.

Dealing with cracks in walls

The walls in the home harbor the largest surface area in the home that is visible, aside from the floor. However, floors are hardier and built from stronger materials and also supported by the foundation. The walls, however, will be the first thing the potential buyers will look at when coming to view your home. If they can see cracks corners, middle and nearer the ceiling, even if they’re small this will not bode well for your chances to make a good sell. If you can see cracks in the walls, it’s best to call in a professional that can x-ray the walls and see how far and serious these splits are. Once you get a verdict on whether the cracks are only skin deep and forming on the top layer, there are some things you can do to rescue the situation. First and foremost, think about tearing off the wallpaper and putting some new wallpaper on. Moisture can seep through the damaged paper and once the glue has dried out, can lead to moisture build up. Buy some sealant that will be a mix of concrete, plaster, and grout. This substance will sink deep into the crack, and essentially pull the split together, then harden to reform a strong wall.

Electrical hazards

It goes without saying that if there are visible dangers your home presents, not only will you have a hard time getting a real estate agent to list your property, but viewers will want to run out the door and not waste any more time. This is incredibly relevant when it comes to electricity. Electricity runs through the home in the walls and is released out through the outlets. Usually, before you are allowed to sell your home, a surveyor should be called out to your home, to not only give you an independent valuation but to see that everything is ship shape and legally permissible. They won’t, of course, have any legal authority to demand you change certain things as they are merely advisory. However, you will need to get legal clearance that your home is safe. If you’re wondering what to do if selling a home without an electrical completion certificate, reading through the article and follow the steps. In short, you can take steps that will reassure all those involved that your home is safe. Replace the fuse box to a newer version or look at upgrading to more recent technology. Installing a new electrical circuit is one of the best measures as this will instantly revitalise the safety precautions and update the wiring. After this kind of work is carried out you can call your electricity service provider and have them come over to evaluate the safety level of your home. They will give your different certificates that express the modernisation your home has undergone. With this documentation being presented to the real estate agents, they can then mark up your home similarly.


  1. Oh I never thought about things like this! I know we have a few dents (lucky no cracks!) in our walls we’d need to fix up before selling Thanks for the reminder! 🙂

    Hope you are having a good week so far and all your Christmas preparation is going well! I’m so behind with wrapping presents – need to do more this weekend!

  2. Change is something people always look forward having. And when it comes to selling properties, being cautious is number 1. I agree about fixing everything before selling.

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