New Year New House?

Are you looking for a few home improvement tips that you can do after Christmas? Some quick renovations because you feel your rooms are starting…


Are you looking for a few home improvement tips that you can do after Christmas? Some quick renovations because you feel your rooms are starting to stagnate? Maybe Christmas pointed out you didn’t have enough room? There’s that age old adage that whenever you move house as a family you’re welcomed by a new baby, but if you’re just refurnishing the inside of your home, you can give it a fresh and fun new feeling. Here’s a couple of areas to target just to make sure your inner sanctum looks new in time for new year.

Work On Your Porch

If you’re lucky enough to own a house with a entrance way, why not brighten or lighten it up with a little magic? Appearances are everything, and thus this is a good place to start on your home renovations. Give yourself a nice surprise of feeling proud of your space everytime you come home.

You can easily rewire a hanging lantern to go here, as it both adds a warm glow to the enclosed space and acts as a security light, if you fancy the motion sensors as well. Head over to a boot sale to find some vintage lamps for the most variety; they’re simple yet beautiful in their design.

Change Your Kitchen Worktops

The kitchen is a room we spend about 3 years of our entire life in in total, so we can immediately see we spend a substantial amount of our time in here, so we should spend more creative time on how we feel about it.

You can use services like, which can easily replace your worktops with the materials of your dreams. Have a nice glossy finish when you’re laying out your chopping boards, or you can have marble surfaces that give more detail to the room. Stone is versatile, and it all looks pretty overall, so you can plump for anything and it’s guaranteed to work!

Install Some Interior Shutters

If you’re looking for a little more privacy in your home, this is the option for you. Interior shutters can look good and stream the light in the room a little better, giving your house a warming and summery feeling in the colder seasons. It also means you don’t have to keep freeze when you have your windows open as the shutters can stay closed and better front against the breeze.

On the other hand, when summer rolls back around and doesn’t waste any time in warming up our half of the world again, you have safeguards against the most oppressive of the heat waves. Many installations serve a dual purpose.

A lot of detail can be added to a house, and it all adds to the overall value of your place at the end of the day. Make these kind of changes, and there are many, if you feel your atmosphere getting somewhat stale after the third, fourth, or fifth year in a row of it staying the same way.

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  1. What I do is I change the setting of every room possible. It gets boring sometimes when you see the same decor or setting for a long period of time, I changed mine twice a year. I can basically apply those you’ve suggested on our porch, I think the hanging lantern will look great with the backdrop I made.

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