Make Homebuyers An Offer They Can’t Refuse

When you sell your home, you have to remember that you are marketing a product. You need to do what you can to make sure…


Make Homebuyers An Offer They Can't Refuse

When you sell your home, you have to remember that you are marketing a product. You need to do what you can to make sure that buyers are interested in committing to a purchase. If they’re not then, you’re just going to be left with a house on the market that won’t sell, and you don’t want that.  You don’t want to get stuck with a home that you don’t want and have to drop the price to the point where the sale isn’t even that profitable.

The good news is that you don’t have to. Avoiding this type of scenario is simply a matter of making sure that you wow and dazzle viewers, guaranteeing that they want to buy. To do this, you need to think regarding curb appeal. Remember, the first impression buyers get of your home is going to be the exterior of the property. So, how do you make sure that they like what they see?

Make Homebuyers An Offer They Can't Refuse

Go For The Green

Well, you need to start by making sure that the grass around your home is beautiful, lush and green. No one is going to want to buy a property where the grass looks half dead. There are two ways to do this. You can use grass greener that can be effective. Or, you can replace your grass with artificial grass from companies like LazyLawn. It’s not a bad idea and one that could certainly be appealing to new buyers. Particularly, if they have no interest in looking after a garden.

Okay, you might put off some buyers that love nothing more than mowing the lawn on the weekends. But we think you’ll find these buyers are few and far between. The modern buyer is going to love the idea of a home where maintenance work is significantly less.

Make Homebuyers An Offer They Can't Refuse

Get A Beautiful Door

As we said, first impressions matter, they really do and what better way to make the right one then to ensure that your front door is absolutely stunning with all the right details and features that buyers love. You need to get a door that is unique and stands out from the rest of the street. Perhaps you want to look for a door with a beautiful glass window and a colourful design on the glass. It’s really your choice, but your front door should have one message to buyers, and that’s ‘welcome home.’

Make Homebuyers An Offer They Can't Refuse

Step This Way

You might also want to think about adding stepping stones to your front garden. These can be laid out through the garden, leading up to the front door. It’s a brilliant, quaint little feature that some buyers are going to absolutely adore. Don’t forget that when people buy their new home, they are looking for the dream place to live.

It’s little details like this that can help them imagine living there, walking up the stepping stones through the garden each day on their way to work.

Run with these ideas, and we think you’ll have no problem presenting buyers with a picturesque home that they are desperate to make an offer on. For more curb appeal ideas, check out this guide with 250+ tips for a car stopping curb.

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